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Santa Fe Souper Bowl: Your Guide to The Food Depot's Annual Event

Hey there, fellow flavor fanatics! Hold onto your ladles because last weekend, my Sexy Nerd and I embarked on another culinary adventure at The Food Depot's Souper Bowl in Santa Fe, NM. Here's the scoop: Picture 24 local chefs in a soup showdown extravaganza, like the Super Bowl, but with more slurping and less tackling. The 30th-anniversary Souper Bowl drew 2,000 hungry souls, VIPs storming the scene at 11:00, and the General Admission fiesta kicking off at noon. Winners were crowned by 2:00 pm, with categories like Best Soup in Santa Fe & Best Vegetarian Soup. Now, the Lobby Soup Showdown had us torn between Chicken Posole Rojo and Tomato Lentil. This is New Mexico, so our money was on posole for the win. Saving room for soup, not just bread, was a smart move. There was so much soup I could barely sample them all, lest I burst, or at the very least make a funny sloshing sound when I walk. Sexy Nerd's fave? Boxcar Santa Fe's, which cleverly included Green Chile

Warby Parker and Davis Vision: Navigating the Coverage Maze

Dreaming of Warby Parker frames but worried about your Davis Vision insurance coverage? You're not alone. Buckle up, fellow blurry-visionaries, because this is your guide to navigating the Warby Parker-Davis Vision labyrinth. Sexy Nerd and I recently purchased new glasses at our local Stanton Optical store and the salesperson was surprised and impressed by how good our Davis Vision coverage is, saying several times "Man, this plan is legit!" Unfortunately, this does no good at Warby Parker. Q. Does Warby Parker take Davis Vision? A. The Warby Parker website says Yes, but this is misleading. Warby Parker only accepts Davis Vision plans through Boeing, General Electric and GE Healthcare. If you are not employed by one of these, you have an out-of-network Davis Vision plan. Yes, even you, with your top tier plan that costs extra! Q. Will Warby Parker file my insurance? A. There's a reason Warby Parker makes a big deal about using your HSA and FSA funds to pay for glasse