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Tea for Three and Three for Tea!

Remember that super-cute tea party invitation I showed you a few weeks ago? You know, the post where I said that I'd share photos from the tea party in a day or two? Ahh, yes, that one!

Personally, I love a Christmas tea party that is held late-January, not even on its originally scheduled date.

The St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque, NM

Well thank you, Fido!

I've earned a little reputation around work for getting lost, so my buddy and tea party co-planner drove me. Thank goodness - I had no idea where we were!

Everything at the St. James Tearoom is charming. Why don't we have these signs all over Albuquerque?

The tearoom is filled with elegant, intimate rooms.

We passed several cute nooks and wondered which we would be in.

This one? Nope.

We were inside the Beatrix Potter room!

This little dog pillow was the first thing I noticed. It was love at first sight.

Though, this kitty was pretty wonderful too!
Our little marble-topped table was set for the three of us...

...with what might just be the best tea set I've ever seen!

Yeah, we're classy.

The little details made our day!

Not to mention the menu:
St. James Tearoom
Robert Burns Tribute Menu
"Hope springs exulting on triumphant wing"

served with Margaret's Hope Traditional Black Tea
Flaky Salmon in Puff Pastry
Date & Cheddar Tart
Peking Duck Pancake
Corn Basil Pepper

Traditional Tea Sandwich
Cucumber & Radish with Herbed Cream Cheese

Scones & Bread
served with Winter Mint Rooibos Tea
Savory Bread & Bacon Pudding
St. James Traditional Cream Scone
with Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream

served with Dragon Well Green Tea
Almond Cream with Amaretto Peaches
Chocolate Pecan Caramel Tart
Lemon Bon Bon

Marie enjoying her cup of Dragon Well Green Tea, which tasted fabulous!

Some of the food.
Oh, the food!

As our tea party was held on the 22nd of January, we made sure to toast Annie Spohr's first birthday. I love that sweet baby!

Post-tea party. You know how people who are trying to have a conversation just absolutely and completely loooove it when you randomly take their photo for the whole world to see? Yeah.

Good boy.

I can't end this post without writing about our walk back to the cars. After discussing where each of us was parked, it was decided that we had ended up in different parking lots. Person #1 insisted she walk Person #2 to their car, since they were parked on the other side of the building. Person #2, of course, insisted on accompanying Person #1 to her car, which sounded like it must be parked very far away.

All in all, we had a fun time.

And remember:
St. James Tearoom on Urbanspoon


  1. Sounds like a sweet adventure!!!

    I am your newest follower via blog hop -
    Tori :)

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  4. Oh, I am jealous,... I want to go to a tea room.

    I am a new follower. Thanks for joining in the blog hop. Terry

  5. Oh so fabulous! Love the picture story of the great tea adventure. I'm inspired.

  6. Fabulous images and I just love the background on your blog. Those cushions are beautiful. I have a few embroidered and patterned cushions, always a lovely addition to any living room.

    Following you through Friday blog hopping.

  7. This looks so fun, my friend is taking me to a tea room for my birthday, I have never been and am super excited.

  8. This place looks amazing! I wish we had something like this around here- every room was different eh? wow- so much fun. thanks for sharing

  9. How fun! What a great space.

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  10. It looks like so much fun!! I love the dog! LOL

    Hi! Thank you so much for linking up for Hop Along Friday! I'm your newest follower! I would love for you to stop by sometime! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Did not even know this existed in ABQ. Will need to plan a stop on my next trip over. thanks for sharing!

  12. This does look like such a charming place, and oh those tiers of food - yummy! Love the dog and cat pillows, and that dog in front is great! Looks like such a fun time. I'm so glad you linked it to Favorite Things. laurie

  13. Looks like a marvelous time! Love all of the different rooms. Thanks for bringing your tea party to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

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  15. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences of your tea party. The photos you have given about the tea party are very nice. Keep up the good work.

  16. I would so love to come visit you and have tea there! How delightful.

  17. What a great tea house! All those unique rooms. The sweets and savories look divine!!!!Looks like you have a fabulous time!

  18. What a fun fete and I shall remember to park tidy.

  19. How much fun!! Love those sweet pillows too~ thanks for stopping by and sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  20. Oh this is such a neat idea! Love it! happy pink Saturday.

  21. Looks like you had a fab time! Saw you on link party, now google following, please pop by, Karima x


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