First Thanksgiving Home Reveal

I'm going to try to update this post in the morning with captions and an Amerisleep mattress review video, just in time a little late for Amerisleep's Black Friday mattress sale. (The video is currently uploading...just like it was an hour ago. Is there a faster way to upload videos to websites that I don't know about?) There's an Amerisleep promo code at the bottom of this post which will save you $250 on any size Amerisleep mattress, BTW.

Our first time hosting Thanksgiving was a success! I am stuffed and exhausted. Goodnight, fabulous blog readers.

Sexy Nerd built each of these 8 Moravian star lights himself. He still needs to add the points on the bottom of each pendant and get the artwork attached to the wall, but you get the idea. It's all coming together.

These lights were installed at the last moment before guests arrived and were not intended to be permanent. I think I like them though. With the outdoor bench (a housewarming present from my parents), bark-framed mirror, and exterior light fixtures, it's like our own little indoor park.

Sexy Nerd planned to have lights strung across our back patio before guests arrived. It was a bit more work than he'd expected though!

Okay, one quick caption before I head to bed because otherwise these photos of food half in the sunshine and half in the shadows aren't going to make any sense. (Also, it's already almost 1 am. OMG.) Hosting Thanksgiving went well and our house was up to the challenge, but one problem I hadn't anticipated is that our huge triangle windows above the upper kitchen cabinets kept blazing the sun on my appetizer table. You could try to push the onion dip into the shade or shift the pepperoni over to the shadows, but the darn sun kept moving. It has a tendency to do that. I need to figure out an attractive way to cover those windows.

My champagne coupe centerpieces worked out well - and with no popcorn. (Whew!)

Gobble, gobble!

Visit my site again tomorrow for a more detailed home tour via video - bedrooms! bathrooms! oh my! There's hopefully an Amerisleep mattress review video on the way too, assuming the darn thing has finally loaded by the morning. I know lots of blogs add videos these days. Are the other bloggers just especially patient??

Oh, and did I mention this was also our first time hosting overnight guests in our new home? SN's parents got to sleep on our super comfy Amerisleep Liberty (AS3) bed. How much did they love it? After only one night, they're considering buying one for their home! I'll check in with them again in the morning and will pester them ask them nicely to provide their feedback and a review for my blog readers.

Here is the video. I should have just stayed up to post it last night (this morning?) because I got no sleep. My crazy brain must have thought I was missing out on all the great Black Friday deals.

These two new mattresses were unboxed after the Thanksgiving festivities settled down. Here's the link to a new video.

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