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Yes, this feels like as good a weekend as any to build a greenhouse...or at least watch as Sexy Nerd builds it. How about you?

Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day

Sometimes I worry Sexy Nerd is too sophisticated for me. He has a real, grown-up career and a plan for retirement. He can teach you about expensive wine, international politics, and architecture laws. He thinks the movies I love, like Harold and Kumar and American Pie, are "stupid", though he supposedly shared my interest in them when we met 10 years ago. Over time, he's become more and more of an old soul, to the point that sometimes he simply isn't any fun for me to be around. He often spends entire days tending to cactus alone, patiently pinching aphids from between the needles, knowing he'll never be able to get them all. What kind of 31 year old does that?

Deep down, though, Sexy Nerd is still the fun guy I fell in love with. I was reminded of this the other night when we were watching the Olympics. The Men's Ski Jumping was on, and it made him laugh.

What's so funny about this?

Sexy Nerd rewound the DVR and laughed again. The ski jumper was soaring through the air, his uniform rippling in the breeze.

Smiling, my ultra-mature husband said "Watch. It looks like he's farting." He hit the Back button on the remote and watched it again, laughing even harder.

Blog Hop/McLinky Party

Here in Albuquerque, our great winter weather (in the 70s!) has returned. It's going to be a fun weekend! I'm thinking that a trip to Santa Fe might be in the cards.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I don't need any clothes. NONE. I actually stole a bunch of space from our master bedroom and had Sexy Nerd build me a new, enormous walk-in closet because the walk-in closet our house came with wasn't large enough. That new closet? It's full. In fact, the clothes inside that new closet have expanded into the walk-in closet of our guest bedroom. It's getting full too.

Which is why this next image is so concerning:

(ThredUP deals...I was just browsing, but somehow ended up with several hundred dollars in my shopping cart)

I knew not to spend so much on clothes, so I whittled down my cart. But as I did that, a funny thing happened. For every shirt I was able to part with, another shirt, dress, and pair of pants made their way onto my shopping list.
This is why two walk-in closets will never be enough.
Have I mentioned that we have a 2700 square foot house, for just the two of us?

I knew I didn't need to order any clothes from ThredUP, but how could I resist when they told me how much I was saving?

I'd be a fool not to order all 90 items, right?

Ultimately though, I was reasonable and removed most of my items from my online cart. Here is my mature, grown-up, responsible, frugal, not-at-all-carried-away, don't-be-mad-Sexy-Nerd order:

Such a deal!

Fail! Fail! FAIL!!!


It's Valentine's Day at 6:31pm and I'm reposting a previous Valentine's Day FAIL because, as of now, Sexy Nerd is setting himself up for another trip to the doghouse. Maybe he has something (anything?!?!?) romantic planned that he'll surprise me with in the next hour or so before bed?!

I got out the bottle of champagne that's been chilling in the fridge since before New Year's Eve. He didn't want to open it then, and he doesn't want to open it tonight. He suggests we "save it" for my birthday in April.


Okay, here's that old post. Maybe he will read it tomorrow and remember what he has to do:

Did Sexy Nerd sweep me off my feet for our 2nd Valentines Day as a married couple? Well, not exactly. Not at all, in fact. I had told him beforehand that he didn't need to buy me anything - just being nice to me would be a perfect day. Specifically, I wanted him to give me a foot rub, which is something he never, ever does.

Sexy Nerd remembered that he didn't need to give me a gift, but he forgot the part about being nice. The day started with him getting out of bed before I woke up. When I came downstairs, he was on the couch, watching racing. (He is always watching racing. As I write this, he's watching drag racing. Earlier, he was watching Nascar.) I announced I was going to go get his gift. I assumed that he would also be getting my gift while I was away. Nope. Here is a word of advice, guys. When your wife or girlfriend says you don't have to get her anything, don't believe it! At least a card would have been nice. Or chocolate. FYI, Sexy Nerd, I loooooove chocolate!

Next, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Sexy Nerd must have sensed that I was unhappy with him (maybe it was the occasional, theatrical "sigh" sound coming from the other room) because he pulled himself away from the TV to see what I was up to. He told me he was going to make breakfast, but since I had already started making oatmeal, he went back to watching TV. He was going to make breakfast? He had been up for more than an hour!

The day progressed with more TV and more ignoring each other (a typical day for us), with the exception of me making Sexy Nerd a fancy lunch and 2 kinds of his favorite cookies. We also went to see a performance he'd been looking forward to at Popejoy Hall, which was part of the ticket package I'd bought him for our 2 year anniversary.

That night, it seemed for a moment that Sexy Nerd was going to redeem himself. He made dinner! Well, technically he just heated dinner up (canned cream of chicken soup), but based on how little he'd done for Valentines Day (nothing), I was grasping at straws by this point. Making soup was going to save the day.

Sexy Nerd lost all his dinner-making points when he asked me if I wanted any of the soup! o_O

Going to bed, I asked Sexy Nerd if he'd had a good Valentines Day. Yes, he said. He had loved his gift and his fancy lunch and going to Popejoy Hall and his homemade cookies (2 different kinds!). We're a young, newlywed couple. It's only downhill from here! Sick of his selfish, lazy jerk ways, I told him it was the worst Valentines Day ever and stormed off to sleep in the other room.

In typical "Sexy" Nerd fashion, he went to sleep instead of following me.

At some point during the night, or perhaps when he was at his office the next day, surely hearing about all the nice things his coworkers had done for their wives, it occurred to Sexy Nerd that he was in quite a bit of trouble. So, I came home from work to this:

Alton Brown's Enchilada Lasagna - it tastes a lot better than it looks.

Damn. How can I stay mad at that?

Still, I had better get some chocolate next year!

Turkey Tacos with a Side of Creepy

Let me tell you about my Del Taco visit the other night. Spoiler alert - it was creepy!

I stopped in after work to try the new Del Taco Turkey Tacos. 33% less fat? Yes, please!

The Del Taco near my office serves breakfast 24/7, so I also picked up a couple of $1 breakfast burritos. I'm sure they were low-fat too. I'd been craving one of their yummy ham, egg, and cheese breakfast biscuit sandwiches, but the price has gone up.


Not a bad dinner for under $5, right?


Especially after I chopped each taco in half to create 2 meals (cue evil, cheapskate laugh - muah ha ha!)

Sexy Nerd enjoyed the tacos...and he had absolutely no idea what I'd fed him was reduced fat (muah ha ha!) My only complaint about the new menu item is that $1.29 seems a bit steep for one taco. That's more than I pay for tacos at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, El Patron - and those come with complimentary chips, salsa, and sopaipillas! In the future, I'll be much more likely to purchase the Del Taco Turkey Tacos if their price drops to $1.09 each.

Still, this was an extra great deal because the cashier gave me a coupon for my next visit, along with the customer satisfaction survey for more freebies that was at the bottom of my receipt. If you stop by Del Taco soon, you'll probably get the same nifty coupon. Finish reading this, then go to Del Taco. Go! Before they run out!

You know what I just noticed? Look in the lower right hand corner. The coupon expired before I even received it! That means Del Taco has to accept it forever, right?

The cashier also offered me a free cup of water while I waited. As a former Taco Bell employee, who was forced to charge customers 5 cents for a "courtesy" cup of water and was only allowed to hand out 1 sauce packet per 2 food items purchased (yes, the Robert and Linda Alvarado-owned "Palo Alto" Taco Bells in New Mexico are CHEAP and sucky), I was impressed. This Del Taco even trusted me to help myself to as many hot sauce packets as my heart desired!

Seriously. Taco Bell had always been my favorite fast food restaurant, but lately their prices have skyrocketed and their food quality has become inconsistent and bland. The Albuquerque locations are all run-down because the franchise doesn't invest into their upkeep. Robert Alvarado seems to think all his store problems are caused by his employees, whom he to despises (I met him a few times during my 7 or so years with his company and, every time, he seemed repulsed to even have to look at me), but I think the problem is HIM. I'm getting off topic though...

Everything was perfect. But then, my perfect Del Taco visit took a strange turn:

I was sitting by myself, waiting for my order number to be called, when a well-dressed, older man came over. He advised me not to eat the taco sauce because it was too hot, while pawing through the basket of sauce packets on my table. I smiled and told him it was good advice (it's polite to humor senile old men, right?) He wouldn't leave. The older man asked me where I'm from ("Here", which surprised him), where I work ("Ummm...for a dentist." Why would I tell a stranger that?), and if I am a dentist ("No." Seriously, man. What did I just tell you?) I'm an introvert and not at all the chit-chat type. I really just wanted him to go away. When my order number was called, he kept talking, despite my attempts to escape, until the nice woman behind the counter personally carried my to-go bag to me. From the look she gave, I'm certain she had received my "help - I can't get away from this creepy, chatty man" signals through the air. I think he was building toward getting me to invest in his religious society, where we will all live together and pick beans, placing aside ones that resemble "the leader".

Who are these strange men who think it's appropriate to talk to women who are sitting by themselves, all alone, at night, in a not-so-great part of town? Did I mention that I'd been trying to read a magazine? Leave me alone, leave me alone, LEAVE ME ALONE!

And yes, immediately after snapping the Del Taco photo above, I threw myself into my car, lest the flash attract Creepy Man's attention.

My Year of Stupid (Take Two!)

(For part one, click here.)

One of my resolutions for the new year was to walk on our new treadmill daily. It's a routine that was easy to keep up with when the NordicTrack was new, (to us) but as soon as the novelty wore off, it sat alone in Sexy Nerd's office all day, every day. Of course, I didn't use the treadmill at all in the days leading up to January 1st, lest I be burned out on my resolution before even beginning. Smart, right? Not at all lazy.

Well, 2014 rolled around and I did an excellent job sticking to my resolution. On New Year's Day, I walked so long that the treadmill shut itself off to avoid overheating. On the 2nd, I walked nonstop for nearly 2 hours. On January 3rd, I tried to beat the previous day's record.

And on the 4th?

I could.not.walk. My left foot had developed a painful case of Plantar Fasciitis. It felt like my heel was going to crack in half! When I had to go out in public, (yay, work!) I hobbled - crazy stares be darned. Today, a full month after my injury, my foot is only just beginning to feel better. My resolution was a serious fail, as there have been ZERO attempts to walk on the treadmill.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Oh, you poor dear. Injuring yourself on the treadmill doesn't make you stupid. It could have happened to anyone.

I appreciate your sympathy. Sexy Nerd would like you to know, however, that he warned me that this exact thing was going to happen. He injured his heel in the same way when we got the treadmill! And he reminded me of his warning on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of January. I thought he was just being a pest.


Sexy Nerd would also like everyone to know that my injury was especially bad because I was walking on the treadmill barefoot...which he had also strongly lectured against. Bah!
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