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Turkey Tacos with a Side of Creepy

Let me tell you about my Del Taco visit the other night. Spoiler alert - it was creepy!

I stopped in after work to try the new Del Taco Turkey Tacos. 33% less fat? Yes, please! You know, as long as the "all the flavor" part is actually true.

Del Taco turkey tacos

The Del Taco near my office serves breakfast 24/7, so I also picked up a couple of $1 breakfast burritos. I'm sure they were low-fat too. I'd been craving one of their ham, egg, and cheese breakfast biscuit sandwiches, but the price has gone up. I'm too frugal and will never be able to purchase my beloved breakfast sandwiches again.

It's the principal of the matter.

Del Taco stories


Not a bad dinner for under $5, right? Especially after I chopped each taco in half to create 2 meals. (Cue evil, cheapskate laugh - muah ha ha!)

Sexy Nerd enjoyed the tacos...and he had absolutely no idea what I'd fed him was reduced fat. (muah ha ha!) 

Mexican food

This was an extra great deal because the cashier gave me a coupon for my next visit.

 Del Taco coupon
You know what I just noticed? Look in the lower right hand corner. The coupon expired before I even received it! That means Del Taco has to accept it forever, right?

The cashier also offered me a free cup of water while I waited. As a former Taco Bell employee, who was forced to charge customers 5 cents for a "courtesy" cup of water and was only allowed to hand out 1 sauce packet per 2 food items purchased (yes, the Robert and Linda Alvarado-owned "Palo Alto" Taco Bells in New Mexico are CHEAP and sucky), I was impressed. This Del Taco even trusted me to help myself to as many hot sauce packets as my heart desired!

Seriously. Taco Bell had always been my favorite fast food restaurant, but lately their prices have skyrocketed and their food quality has become inconsistent and bland. The Albuquerque locations are all run-down because the franchise doesn't invest into their upkeep. Robert Alvarado seems to think all his store problems are caused by his employees, whom he despises. I met him several times during my years with his company and, every time, he seemed repulsed to even have to look at me or any of my lowly coworkers. I think the problem is HIM. I'm getting off topic though...

Everything was perfect. But then, my perfect Del Taco visit took a strange turn:

Creepy story

I was sitting by myself, waiting for my order number to be called, when a well-dressed, older man came over. He advised me not to eat the taco sauce because it was too hot, while pawing through the sauce packets on my table. 

I smiled and told him it was good advice. It's polite to humor senile, old men, right? He wouldn't leave. 

Creepy Man asked me where I'm from. "Here," which surprised him. 

Where I work. "Ummm...for a dentist." Why would I tell a stranger that?

If I am a dentist. "No." Seriously, Creepy Man. What did I just tell you?

I'm an introvert and not at all the chit-chat type. A pointless conversation with a stranger drains my social battery for no reason. I really just wanted him to go away. 

When my order number was called, he kept talking, despite my attempts to escape. Eventually, the nice woman behind the counter personally carried my to-go bag to me. From the look we exchanged, I'm certain she had received my 'help - I can't get away from this weirdo and possibly perv' signals through the air. 

My theory is that Creepy Man was building up to try and convince me to invest in his religious society, where we will all live together and pick beans, placing aside ones that resemble the leader.

The Simpsons leader beans

Who are these strange men who think it's appropriate to talk to young women who are sitting by themselves, all alone, at night, in a not-so-great part of town? Leave me alone. You are not what women want.

And yes, immediately after snapping the Del Taco photo shown earlier, I beelined it into my car, lest the camera flash attract Creepy Man's attention.