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Confessions of a Shopaholic

I don't need any clothes. NONE. I actually stole a bunch of space from our master bedroom and had Sexy Nerd build me a new, enormous walk-in closet because the walk-in closet our house came with wasn't large enough. That new closet? It's full. In fact, the clothes inside that new closet have expanded into the walk-in closet of our guest bedroom. It's getting full too.

Which is why this next image is so concerning:

(ThredUP deals...I was just browsing, but somehow ended up with several hundred dollars in my shopping cart)

I knew not to spend so much on clothes, so I whittled down my cart. But as I did that, a funny thing happened. For every shirt I was able to part with, another shirt, dress, and pair of pants made their way onto my shopping list.
This is why two walk-in closets will never be enough.
Have I mentioned that we have a 2700 square foot house, for just the two of us?

I knew I didn't need to order any clothes from ThredUP, but how could I resist when they told me how much I was saving?

I'd be a fool not to order all 90 items, right?

Ultimately though, I was reasonable and removed most of my items from my online cart. Here is my mature, grown-up, responsible, frugal, not-at-all-carried-away, don't-be-mad-Sexy-Nerd order:

Such a deal!


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