Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day - Smoker 101

As previously mentioned in a funny, albeit frustrating post, Sexy Nerd recently smoked us a chicken. Even after our smoked turkey fiasco (dinner at 10 pm, anyone?), we're still on two different pages when it comes to how something like this should be done.

Me: So, how long until the chicken's ready?

SN: I dunno. Around dinnertime, probably.

Me: Well, how much does the chicken weigh?

SN: I didn't weigh it.

Me: Yeah, but the weight is listed on the packaging.

SN: Why does that matter?

Me: You can use the weight to estimate how long it will take to smoke.

SN: I'll just use the meat thermometer.

ME: *dies a little on the inside*

 King of the Grill doesn't necessarily translate to King of the Smoker