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Home Design Ideas and Pretty House Photos

Now that Sexy Nerd and I are invested in property to build a home on, I can while away hours looking at photos online. My home building strategy is to take my most admired photos and design them into our house. Here are some of my favorites* so far:

*These were all saved in a design folder on my computer without link information. If you know where a photo should be linked to, please let me know and I'll be happy to add a link!

 Kids Room (Sexy Nerd insists the kid is going to break every bone in their little body when they plummet down those steps. I think they'll learn to be careful after their first tumble, which *probably* won't be that bad.)
Prettiest Wall Ever
Itty Bitty Room, just because
Candles recessed into the wall
 Guest Bedroom
Living Room...for the Guest Bedroom
Sexy Nerd (who, by the way, insists on a 6 car garage minimum) says I'm not being practical.


Ideally, I'd like to limit our home to around 2,000 square feet. This may be tricky.

BLOG HOP! Link Up Your Favorite Posts

Here in Albuquerque, Sexy Nerd and I are all about brewing beer and frying potstickers today. I hope everyone is having a fun weekend!

Stretch the Cat

Meet Stretch.
"Love my rolls."
Stretch lives on the wall in our kitchen. See the smug look in his eyes? There's really no stopping him.
Now, using the authority of his mighty rump, Stretch has expanded his occupancy of our home to include the laundry room door.

Pica thinks this is a bunch of nonsense.

New Home Update

Happy Weekend, everyone! For all you curious types, things seem to be right on track with our property purchase. We're planning to drive up to our lot tomorrow and I'm hoping to have some photos up soon.

(I love the lot, but I'm also suffering from an extreme case of Weekend Lazies.)

Oh, I suppose there must be a photo of the lot online that I can show you now...

13.1 acres, baby!
And, actually, it turns out that there is not a photo of our lot online (the bank is really trying hard to sell it, right?) so this is a nearby lot for sale.
Some dirt, some trees, some more dirt - you get the idea.
(and BEARS! and MOUNTAIN LIONS! I've opted not to think about that part though.)
BTW, my mom told us an interesting tidbit about the previous owners of our foreclosed on piece of land. It's a post for another day though (hint: it involves mass nakedness!)

Laminate Floors

For those of you who doubt the durability of laminate floors, I present: Pica!

A hyper Jack Russell is no match for this floor. Even her claws sliding across it do not do any harm. (Dropping an attachment from your stand mixer will leave a dent though, as I learned the hard way.)(Roomba also cannot be trusted after leaving swirls on the floor. Punk robot!)

As an added bonus, since Pica cannot get much traction on this floor, she slides excitedly into the wall, the door, the fridge, (etc, etc!) whenever we come home.




Doggie Day Job

I needed to access an old Qwest bill, but was having trouble setting up an online account. I selected the Online Chat option. The representative and I got off to a good start. Providing verification that I was indeed the account owner would be simple enough, right? I told the representative my name, account number, and billing zip code, as requested. A few minutes passed before receiving any reply.

"To verify your identity, what is the answer to your secret account question?" what? It's a bit stupid tricky to answer a question that hasn't been asked. I inquired specifically what the secret account question was. Another pause.
"If you cannot answer your secret account question, instructions for resetting your online password can be mailed to you."
I asked again WHAT IS THE QUESTION?! I wrote that I was sure I could answer the question, if only I knew what it was.
No response. I wrote a few common question/answer combinations that I thought it might be. …

LINK UP! Blog Hop Time with LambAround

Happy Saturday, everyone! Wondering where the heck Lamb and her Sexy Nerd have been this week? Well, you know how we have been house hunting, hopeful of taking advantage of the super-low interest rates and buyer's market? We've been busy putting in an offer on...a 13.1 acre lot in the mountains! Nothing is ever as clear cut and simple as it seems, is it?
And now, my bloggy friends, let's link up with another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been doing this week!

Linky Party! Come Blog Hop the Long Weekend Away

Before (okay, technically after would be just fine as well) linking up this weekend, I'd love, love, LOVE for you to take a second to vote for my latest Kenmore Genius Tips tip, which can be found at via @KenmoreConnect. It's a pretty snazzy tip, if I do say so myself. It's all about getting your picky kids to eat (wonderful because parents just loooove getting child care advice from childless twenty-somethings, right?) You can actually vote once a day, but even just one time would be so super appreciated!

And no new house yet, but we're going to spend the weekend looking and will be fixing up our home to sell. There's a house that looks promising (it has a cocktail pool!) online but was too expensive. They dropped their price this afternoon, which sounds like a sign to me.

Alrighty, let's share some linky goodness with another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop!