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Home Design Ideas and Pretty House Photos

Now that Sexy Nerd and I are invested in property to build a home on, I can while away hours looking at photos online. My home building strategy is to take my most admired photos and design them into our house. Here are some of my favorites* so far:

*These were all saved in a design folder on my computer without link information. If you know where a photo should be linked to, please let me know and I'll be happy to add a link!

 Kids Room
(Sexy Nerd insists the kid is going to break every bone in their little body when they plummet down those steps. I think they'll learn to be careful after their first tumble, which *probably* won't be that bad.)

Prettiest Wall Ever

Itty Bitty Room, just because

Candles recessed into the wall

 Guest Bedroom

Living Room...for the Guest Bedroom

Sexy Nerd (who, by the way, insists on a 6 car garage minimum) says I'm not being practical.


Ideally, I'd like to limit our home to around 2,000 square feet. This may be tricky.