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Why You Shouldn't Feed Your (BAD) Dogs Scraps

Go away! Shoo!

This is our dinner! Not Pica's dinner! Not Biscuit's dinner! OUR DINNER!
Move it, punks!

One day, after Sexy Nerd & I have tripped over one of the dogs and fallen down the stairs to our deaths, people will look back at this post. They'll see the way the dogs have us surrounded; the way Biscuit is silently lurking behind Sexy Nerd, anxiously waiting for him to take an unsteady step backward, to his doom.

Avenge us.


  1. LOL very funny. I think sometimes my dog trips my on purpose! But we are the humans, we shall continue our reign!

  2. My dog used to never do this until my Father in Law came to visit...he and his girlfriend actually cook part of the meal for the my dog is a beggar!

  3. Thanks for making a stop in Halfglassistan!

    I see from your comment blurb above I have found a kindred comment whore. I shall be back to feed your habit.

  4. We don't purposely feed our dogs scraps, but that doesn't stop them from cramming themselves under the table every meal, waiting for the abundant food stuffs the kids drop. They're also not above stealing things off your plate or out of your hands when you're not paying attention.

    Luckily we don't have stairs.

  5. my dad taught our dog to bed, and i've cursed him every meal since!

  6. It's cats that plot your death. Dogs want you around forever, to feed them!


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