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Those People

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Guest blogger, Michelle Pixie at Momma's Pixie Dreams, has been kind enough to provide LambAround with a post today. Enjoy it, because you won't be seeing any other posts like this here! I'm not brave enough to even get my ears pierced, let alone pierce anything else!

Momma's Pixie Dreams

I got my nose pierced four weeks ago. Something I have wanted to do for a while but because I was pregnant I wasn’t able to get it done. So my husband took me to get my nose pierced as a gift. It’s not my first piercing. I have my ears pierced, I also have a cartilage piercing, and I had my nipples pierced when I was 21 and although I didn’t leave them in for very long I really enjoyed having them pierced. It wouldn’t work for my life now I can't imagine breastfeeding with piercings although I've heard it can be done?! I have to say I love having my nose pierced and would love to get more piercings but my pain threshold isn’t what it used to be so I probably won’t get anymore.

I also have a tattoo. I have a tattoo of my horoscope sign on my lower back {I know, I know my very own little tramp stamp!}. I love tattoos. I think they are very sexy when they are done right. Walking into that tattoo parlor to get my piercing done definitely sparked that feeling inside of me to get the tattoos done that I have been wanting to get done for years but have had a million excuses as to why I can’t or shouldn’t do it.

Yesterday I took Diva to her pre-kindergarten class and one of my neighbors was there. She hadn’t seen the baby since she was born so as much as I didn’t want to socialize with her I knew she would run over to peek at the baby. When she came over to see the baby she noticed my nose piercing and looked at me and said “Oh, that’s new!” I responded with a “Yes it is.” She proceeded with a comment that was a sly backhanded insult {generally get one of these every time I talk to her} she said “I never took you to be one of those people.” At first I just laughed it off but the more I think about it the more it irritates me.

What was that supposed to mean? I wish I would have asked her when she said it but I am just not one to make a scene. I am not like her in thinking I am above everyone else or pawning my kids off on the nearest stranger because I can’t be bothered for whatever reason. I don’t walk around acting like I don’t gossip {because HELLO don't we all?!} about people only to spout off at the first person that will listen.

I told Hubby that maybe it was a good thing because maybe she won’t be sending her kids over here for me to baby-sit under the pretense of a “play-date” and maybe just maybe she won’t be trying to pry into our business in hopes to get dirt to spread to the nearest person who will listen.

I guess I would rather be one of “Those People” than her kind of people. As far as I am concerned, she better not get too close to me or I might rub off and she could become one of “Those People” too!


  1. I have an award and tag for you on my blog.

  2. How rude! I have a tat on my foot and I love it, love love love love it!!! I love that you have your nose pierced, I would love to do that too but working in our corporate offices now makes that impossible. If I ever make my way back to the field environment, I may just do it so I can say that I'm like Momma Pixie and I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE...LOL

  3. "Those people" have to stick together then. :) I've had my nose pierced for almost 20 (gasp) years. I bet it looks supremely cute on you and I'm glad you got it done!

    And if it keeps kids away from our houses, then they probably wouldn't be the kids we wanted around anyway. ;)

    Great guest spot and I'm happy to have found this blog! I'm married to a "sexy nerd" too!

  4. Ha! Those people! I love it! Michelle Pixie rocks!

  5. I've also been seriously considering the nose piercing. I wear one of those fake stick on ones when we have a recital - and I love it :-) When my husband mentioned this to someone who doesn't know me personally shes said "Oh, that sounds like a middle age crisis" - rude much???

    I'd love to see a pic of your's.

  6. HA! She should meet my friend THEMOM who has a nose piercing and is AWESOME SAUCE~!

    I have two tattoos and want more....

  7. I never had my nose pierced. I've had my ears, belly button, and tongue done though. The tongue piercing was by far the worse! I though for sure a tattoo would hurt more than a piercing. Nope!

    That sucks about your neighbor! I have a sister-in-law just like that!! I try to avoid her as much as possible!

  8. I'd rather be one of "those people" too!

  9. Gosh, I really hate people like that. I'm also hate Moochy-Moms - the whole play-date thing. Sorry!

  10. Hi, I have a tattoo! Actually I have 2 both on my back. I have absolutely no pain tolerance but I picked a site with some chub on it and it just felt like scratching so I got a second one!

    I've never heard of the term "Tramp Stamp" - interesting slam.

    I love those people who think because you have a tattoo or piercing that you are "those" kind of people. What kind? A kind, sweet person who believes her body is her own? Yup, that's me.

    I will say people seem surprised when it comes up that I have a tattoo, it's because I have NO pain tolerance.

    I love it when people judge without bothering to look beyond face value - they always miss so much and they don't seem to realize that. They miss a lot.


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