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I'm Not a Clever Dish Washer Either

Remember my post, I'm Not a Clever Candy Bar Stasher? You know, the one where I destroyed 300 mini candy bars, a broiler pan, (which, by the way, was not even mine. It belonged to the landlord) and nearly ruined the entire oven?

Stephanie in Suburbia tried to make me feel better by writing:

Lamby: did ya know you can't use Palmolive dish soap in the dishwasher? Wanna know how I found out? Yup, the hard way. Took two hours to sop up all the suds in my kitchen and I lived in paranoid fear for the week that I was going to get a call from the neighbor below me that their ceiling had mysteriously erupted in bubbles.

Thanks for the dishwasher comment, Stephanie. Sadly though, I have made that mistake too. Even worse, it wasn't with my dishwasher or my apartment. I thought I'd be sweet and HELP a friend by surprising them with clean dishes!

Bubbles EVERYWHERE? Oh yes! And before you think, You still helped by getting the floor nice and clean, no! The floor was very, very STICKY! Rumor has it that the dishwasher no longer worked afterward and that, after moving out, the apartment complex threatened my friend with a lawsuit if they did not pay for the damages. They showed me the threatening letters they received.


See that nice-girl smile? Remember it after I've destroyed all your appliances (with GOOD INTENTIONS!)

(You know, except for hoarding the candy bars. Although, to be fair, that was a good intention for myself.)


  1. Yep, my son did the same thing many years ago. Bubbles oozed out all over the place!

  2. Lovely pictures you've got at the sides of your blog:))

  3. hehe you are hilarious! just please don't come to my house and try to be "Nice" hehe x

  4. I think the statue in the picture behind you just realized that he shouldn't have put the candy bars into his dishwasher! :)

  5. am back! but today i am a tribemate :-)

    i will be the first to say that i myself have no knowledge of the mechanics of a dishwasher. "i" am a substitute dishwasher at my house (my eldest being the designated one) and we only know to use dishwashing liquid and water.

  6. That's insane. I'd better tell hubs so he doesn't do it either. I put your prize in the mail on Friday so let me know when you get it. I hope you LOVE IT!

  7. Her next trick: frying the microwave!

    Please tell me that you have a microwave story?

  8. yikes! I am not domesticated either so I am glad I read your story or I probably TOTALLY would have done that some day. Thank god I don't have a dishwasher (well I do actually, he's my SO. LOL)

    Happy Hump Day!

  9. Oh my! Sounds like something I would do! "Thankfully" we don't have a dishwasher! So, feel free to wash my dishes if you want to be nice to me... you will have to get your hands wet though ;)

    PS - I'm totally linking to your Not Baaad Mr Linky and will post about it Sunday. Thanks for the invite! :)

  10. Sigh, and I was trying to make you feel better :)


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