Another Flower Delivery Mystery?

Remember my Flower Delivery Mystery from a while back? Well, much to Sexy Nerd's horror, my secret admirer struck again, this time at my work!

OH NO, Sexy Nerd!

Somebody loves me.

Coming home with a big bouquet of flowers was Sexy Nerd's worst nightmare. The good news? The flowers were actually from my boss (Gotcha!) I did tell the little "secret admirer" story  to mess with Sexy Nerd when I got home though. Come on, you know you would have too.

My flowers also came with a card.

A few weeks ago, I posted a comment on my Not "Baaad" Sundays Linky Party that my boss wanted me to get her website to the top of Google. Problem? I had no idea how to do that! Lots of online study and time later though, we are the #2 result (and a word of warning to result #1 - you're going down, biyotch!)

After learning that the flowers were actually a good thing, Sexy Nerd went from this:

Ready to kick some secret admirer butt.
To this:
Isn't he silly?
 And this:
Very silly!

Who knows when/if I'll ever get flowers again, (hint, hint, flower-sending mystery stalker, whoever you are)(honestly, I suspect it was the loser mentioned in my Mom Sexy Prom post) so for now, let's all enjoy the flowery goodness.

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