Simrin Place Setting Placemats: DIY?

I stumbled upon these cute placemats from and am optimistic that I can make something similar using bamboo placemats and rubber stamps. We'll see.

Fancy Schmancy Dining Room With A Wall Mural

Over the past few weeks, Sexy Nerd has made some major updates to our dining room. He repainted the chairs, refinished the table, switched out the light fixture, and, of course, put up the gigantic tulip wallpaper mural that has been sitting in the closet since March (finally!)

There is still a lot to do (like recovering the chairs, adding 2 more chairs, and building a window seat,)(oh, and replacing that ugly white tile around the fireplace!) but we think the changes look pretty good so far.

Somehow, that green dolly always finds its way back into our dining room!

Road Trips Are More Fun With Puppy Dogs

Cupcake Decorating For A Fabulous New Year's Eve

Sweet cuppin' cakes! Sexy Nerd and I spent our New Year's Eve decorating cupcakes.

We're quite the party animals!

Apparently, these 4 looked so goofy that Blogger felt it necessary to rotate my photo. The one on the lower left is a Pica dog. Though, I'm sure that's clear without any clarification!

Cupcake decorating is a messy job, but someone's got to do it!

Ta da - the top 12, which include a mug of beer, Santa, and flames:

Sneaking a cupcake when no one's looking. The perfect crime?

Our Cruise On The Holland America Veendam

I can't believe our cruise ended in October and I still haven't finished posting all of the photos! I haven't even posted all of our stops. Rather than take even more time sorting through everything, here are the photos from the rest of our trip. It's quite possible that additional captions, sorting, and daily breakdowns are coming one day in the future (hey, anything's possible!)

No other vacation beats cruising!

There's a funny story about this watch and this dinner invitation (you know, in the way that irritating, horrible events where everything went wrong are funny when you look back at them), but it will have to wait for another time.

Alright. I suppose that now is as good a time as any to explain the watch/dinner invitation connection. I had read online about a special dinner featured on some Holland America cruises called the "Chef's Special". It involved all of the waitstaff serving dinner while SINGING & DANCING. Ridiculous? Absolutely! But where else are you going to see something like that? So, the first day of our cruise, I inquired as to whether or not there would be a Chef's Special night. The great news? Yes...
Darn it. Sexy Nerd came in while I was writing and I lost my train of thought. There is so much drama in his family! This story is "to be continued"!
Bonus points to anyone who can guess how this story ends!

I took dozens of photos in the culinary arts center but, sadly, this is the one that came out the best. The person on the left is Bekka, the cruise ship party planner. I looooooved Bekka! She had such a bubbly personality and she looks just like Britney Spears!

A little windy onboard.

The best towel animal ever! Hands down!!

We spent hours playing with these game tables. I had never played checkers or chess before this cruise.

Gotta love that "rider alert" sign in the background. How do you eat and eat (and eat and eat and eat) on a cruise but not gain any weight? Plan to ride the bus from the cruise terminal to the airport and end up walking with all your heavy luggage in the scorching heat instead!

Hooray for signs that tell you to walk an additional mile when the place you need to be is directly across the street!

I can't help thinking that they chose the wrong symbol for this warning sign.

A sea lion looking for some fish handouts in Cabo San Lucas.

We nearly purchased a ride on a glass bottom boat, then realized we could see dozens of kinds of fish while standing on the pier.

No regrets, but is it any wonder we were unable to sleep this night??

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