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Locked Out at Midnight. Genius.

Update! Thanks to everyone who read my last post (Camp Blogaway - Yes or No?) I actually think that I am going to*gulp* sign up for the camp. Wish me luck and hope that I don't lose my nerve! Now, onto today's nonsense:

I am a thrifty person. Not cheap, just thrifty. Okay, maybe it would be accurate to say that I'm up along the very border of cheap. Only my toes are over the line. Today I would like to share a story from my college years, when I was working as a Pizza Hut manager, about one of the many times trying to save a few dollars has put me in a stupid situation.

I had a coupon for a free car wash. The regular price was $4.99, so without the coupon there was no way I would ever be getting my car cleaned. My car wasn’t dirty enough to justify using the coupon, so I continued to put off using it until the day before it expired. Although it was the middle of January, I took my Alero through the automatic car wash after leaving work, shortly before midnight. It was the last day before the specials changed at the grocery store, so after the thorough washing, I decided to drive next door to do a little grocery shopping before going home. I zipped inside right before the store closed and came out about 15 minutes later with a basket full of bargains. I had a little trouble getting my trunk to open, but didn’t really think anything of it. Then, I went to open my car door.

The driver’s side door was frozen shut! So was the passenger door! After working such a long shift, (my usual day started at 6am and ended close to midnight without any breaks) my mind had been too sleepy to ever say Hey! What happens when you pour water on something and stick it in the freezer, stupid? Okay, to be honest, I probably would have made this mistake even without working that day. After all, my $4.99 coupon was going to expire!

I hadn’t met my Sexy Nerd yet so I had no one to call for help. It really wouldn’t have mattered though, as I was too much of a penny-pincher to have a cell phone (if Sexy Nerd hadn’t insisted on getting me one after another stranded/dangerous situation incident, I still wouldn’t have a one.) So, what did I do? It was after midnight, with no one around except three homeless men, (the grocery stores in the bad parts of town always have the best prices!) 

I climbed into the trunk, pulled the little strap to unlock the back seat, pushed the back seat down with my legs, climbed over the back seat, wiggled my way over the tiny center console into the front seat, shoved the frozen front door open, went back around to close the trunk, hopped back in and was on my merry way.

 Me being so cool (and so smart!) in my college apartment.

Sexy Nerd would like to add to the above photo that my apartment reeked from my guinea pig, Mr. Ducky.

What’s the wackiest thing you’ve ever done to save money? I want your tips!


  1. I have so many of these not so funny - funny mommnets. We had an out of town tournament one weekend and I thought I would save $ by taking the indoor grill to cook hotdogs etc. Ha little did I know it would set the smoke alarm off. So much for saving.

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  2. Following from Friday Blog Hop - Would love a follow back!
    I can't think of anything wacky I have done to save money.. I have done wacky things to win a contest.. but that's another story..
    Love to you
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  3. I drive to this seedy liquor store for my wine - it is like the best kept secret. The prices are CONSIDERABLY lower than all the other liquor stores. I do not know why. I do not ask. I go there. I get a cart. I get a case of wine because then there is also a discount for buying a case. Overall, I save anywhere about $100 on it and then I don't have to buy wine that often. Is that wacky? I don't know. But it is damn smart I think.

  4. I love this because it sounds like something I'd totally do! I guess my craziest thing is when my college town got 2 feet of snow on Valentine's Day and my boss at Outback said we'd have to report in for our serving/bartending shifts or we'd be fired so I spent 3 hours digging my car out of the snow with a 3-ring binder and an ice scraper.

  5. I've done some ridiculous things to save money, but I actually just wanted to comment on the update part and say that I'm really excited for you to go to the camp... there are always a million reasons to avoid stuff like that, but sometimes, you just have to decide you'll deal with the awkwardness because it's going to be worth it... and hey, the wine tasting should loosen some people up! And good or bad, you'll definitely get material for a lot of blog entries! : )


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