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Cupcakes, Anne, and Other Fun Ramblings

1. Remember when I posted about listening to Anne of Green Gables while I drive? None of you warned me that Matthew Cuthbert was going to die. I appreciate you keeping that little spoiler to yourselves (which, I realize, I just blurted out) but he died when I was driving to work. My mascara was a mess!

2. I have a post scheduled for next week that will make you laugh your butt off. Sorry for the unpleasant image, but it will.

3. Tomorrow morning I'm posting a giveaway! Yep, a lot of fun things are coming up on LambAround. A recipe for cookie dough cupcakes (soooo insanely yummy!) and my BlogHer book club review for A Jane Austen Education are all right on the horizon.

4. Sexy Nerd has been away on a business trip all week (in LAS VEGAS, the lucky duck!) and should be home any minute now. Thank you for humoring me while I pass the time, my wonderful blog readers! Oh, I love you all so much! I know it's cheesy, but it's true.

5. The voting for the Best in Show award this week is close! Will it be Inspiration & Realisation? I Heart Toys? Teddy Bear Princess? Someone else?? This is exciting!

6. My next book on CD was Lolita. As creepy as it was, I loved it. Now I'm listening to The Lovely Bones. If anyone has a suggestion for my next book on CD, I'm all ears.*

7. My Kenmore Genius Tip, Cheap Molding and Magazine Pages, has fallen back to 5th place. Ack! Have you voted today and pestered all your friends to do the same? (Thank you, thank you!)

I hate to post without a photo, so here's another quick, random tidbit. Keebler has ripped off the Girl Scouts! These are scrumptious and so much cheaper, but still, it seems very wrong.

*A cheesy joke. Book on CD. Ears. Get it? Really, though, I need ideas!


  1. Actually I think Keebler makes the girl scout cookies. I actually think the coconut dreams are better, but I wonder if it's because they are fresher. :)
    The best audio book I've listened to is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. I also like Comfort Food by Linda Jacobs.

  2. Yes, that would be hard to hear that Matthew Cuthbert died when you were driving. Especially after he made sure that Anne had a puffed sleeve dress to wear to the dance. I loved him in the movies (can't remember the name of the movie star who played him). I haven't listened to the tapes, but I loved the movies and the books. Joni

  3. I recently discovered those Keebler Coconut dreams too. They are awesome, rip off or not.

  4. I cry every time I watch the movie, too. Glad no one spoiled it for you.



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