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Fabulous Best in Show Nominees

Wow! There are some incredible nominees for the Best in Show award this week. Each amazing post can (and should!) be visited by clicking on the name of the blog beneath the photo. Take a look:

Congratulations to all the wonderful nominees! Now, the fun really begins. Voting (right sidebar) will run until this weekend (give or take a couple days - the mysteriousness of being lazy adds to the fun!) Of course, you're welcome to vote for your own post and can help sway the voting in your favor by taking a nomination button:

Yeah, as a nominee, you're pretty hot stuff!

Be sure to stop by next week to see who won the Best in Show award! Good luck, my bloggy friends!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. oh this is a lot of fun...only this is you spelled winnipeg wrong : )

  3. 2 comments here so far, both to tell me about 2 mistakes (at least, 2 that have been caught so far!)
    That's it. I'm going to bed :)

    Really, though, I do appreciate the heads up! ;)

  4. This is SOOOO awesome - thank you so much! I'm super-flattered and excited. I posted about this and took the button... and I'm thinking about voting for myself, just to make sure I don't end with no votes (embarrassing!)...

    And I used to be terrified of collecting the paint chips, but I'm pretty sure the people who work at the Lowe's, Walmart, etc. don't care - if you saw a rep from BHG or Behr, then I'd run. Or pretend to talk about painting a room. That's what I do if I feel nervous... : ) Go for it - you'll feel like a badass even though it's totally legit!

  5. Thanks for this great honor!! I'm posting this on my blog!! :D

  6. Teeheeeheee! I called my mom and told her I was nominated. :P Thanks!

  7. AHHHH! I have been out of town since last week! So excited though :)

  8. Thanks so much! Sorry I didn't get to check this out earlier- family in town so not much blogging going on! :) Thanks for the nomination!


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