My Mini Maniac

Sexy Nerd's dream since before we even met has been to own a Mini Cooper.

Yeah...that was news to me too!

Clearly, jealousy has been eating away at Sexy Nerd ever since I got my 2013 Chevy Volt. Poor guy.

I personally have never understood the Mini Cooper appeal. In fact, I tried to sway Sexy Nerd's choice from a used Mini Cooper S Hardtop to a Scion iQ while we were negotiating a deal at the Toyota dealership. It was brand-new, got much better gas mileage, and cost less than the used car he wanted. It even looked just as goofy! I don't get it.

He sure loves his new (to him, at least) car though.

"Did the Scion have a sunroof?" smart-alec Sexy Nerd just asked me, knowing full well that it did not.

He loved the Mini Cooper even more after removing the stinky air fresheners hidden inside every vent.

At first, Sexy Nerd had his heart set on British Racing Green, but he came around on this color after deciding that it complements his hat.

British Racing Green...we totally ended up with this car because Sexy Nerd is a fan of all things racing, didn't we? 

Hee, hee.

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