Thrifty Decorating

I love browsing through decorating blogs. Here is my quick contribution to the world of bargain-hunting decor:

This plant was marked down to $0.50 and was in a shopping cart full of discounted Easter merchandise last year. It didn't look like it would last very long, but here it is almost a year later and doing great. Not bad considering that it spends most of its time in the guest bedroom with the blinds closed. Instead of planting it in an actual pot, I just placed it inside a cute bowl from the $1 Store.

The colorful thingy on the right is just an old jar filled of incense and tied with a bow.

As for the slate tiles, they are the top of the bar that Sexy Nerd built. They're sitting inside a groove, not grouted down, so that if we ever change our decor, we can easily switch out the top of the bar with different tiles.


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