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Mouse Wine And Cheese Napkins

We found these at Nordstrom (or was it Bloomingdales?) when we were in San Diego and I've been kicking myself for not buying them ever since. I figured that they would go on sale and I'd simply order them online - neither store lists these on their website! Now, I've located these super cute little napkins here, but the shipping charge is $8.00 (to ship 4 feather-light napkins that could easily be mailed in a standard yellow envelope with 2 stamps like I use at work every day!) That price sucks the cuteness right out of these.

If any store in Albuquerque is selling these, lemme know!

6/10/18 Update: My awesome boss gifted TWO packs of these napkins to me. Isn't she the greatest? In the decade I've had them, I've used them...twice. Ah, the joys of entertaining in your mind!