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Now Accepting Paid Guest Blogging Submissions

Enjoy reading Kitty Deschanel? Now is your opportunity to write for one of your favorite blogs!

paid guest blogging

Guest Blogging Benefits

  • Make extra income. Unlike most websites that accept content from guest authors, allows one affiliate link per article. It's like placing your ad on my site, absolutely free.
  • Gain backlinks to your website. You're on your way to the top (of Google), baby.
  • Expand your audience and grow your brand awareness. Posts are shared with thousands through Twitter and Facebook. Content permitting, posts will also be shared via Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Receive a "Featured On" badge for your portfolio.
Guest Blogging Submission Guidelines
  1. Posts must be original, non-duplicated content. Don't tempt Google to penalize your site and mine with a rerun.
  2. You must have the rights to any photos, social share graphics, videos, infographics, etc. used in your post. Saving an image from Google does not make it yours. Stealing content from others and trying to pass it off as your own will not be tolerated.
  3. Posts must be relevant to the Kitty Deschanel audience. Try to infuse a little humor into everything. Great topics include (but are not limited to) sleep improvement, recipes, decorating ideas, how to's, travel photos, and personal stories that make you laugh out loud.
  4. Posts may contain one link to your website and one affiliate link. Spammy links or ones to questionable sites will be removed.
  5. The minimum post length accepted is 700 words.
  6. Kitty Deschanel, LLC retains the right to decline or remove a guest submission for any reason and the right to edit all posts. (I'd really prefer not to have to edit your post though, so please proofread it before submission.) If I don't think my readers will enjoy it, I will not accept it.
Ready to Start? It's Easy!

Simply email your completed guest post to with the subject Guest Post for Consideration. Not sure your content is right for Feel free to email your idea with links before writing the post.

Bonus points if it's perfect as-is and all I have to do is cut/paste. Gotta save time for dancing, after all.