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Does This Mean We're Divorced?

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This morning, I awoke to the sound of something hitting the tile floor in the bathroom, followed by "OH NO!" When I went to investigate, I found Sexy Nerd with his arm underneath the vanity, attempting to retrieve whatever it was he had dropped. It was his tungsten carbide wedding band.

Now, who here knows what happens when you drop your tungsten carbide ring on your porcelain tile floor at just the right angle?

broken tungsten carbide ring

Oh no, indeed, Sexy Nerd!

I just noticed that Google has put an ad for "Tungsten Forever" wedding bands at the bottom of my blog. Oops! If only they knew...

*For part 2 of this repost, please Click Here. It will make you say 'AWWWW!' Unless your heart is as cold as tungsten carbide, I suppose.