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Does This Mean We're Divorced?

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This morning, I awoke to the sound of something hitting the tile floor in the bathroom, followed by "OH NO!" When I went to investigate, I found Sexy Nerd with his arm underneath the vanity, attempting to retrieve whatever it was he had dropped. It was his tungsten carbide wedding band.

Now, who here knows what happens when you drop your tungsten carbide ring on your porcelain tile floor at just the right angle?

Oh no, indeed, Sexy Nerd!

I just noticed that Google has put an ad for "Tungsten Forever" wedding bands at the bottom of my blog. LOL! If only they knew...

*For part 2 of this post, please Click Here.


  1. oh no! it's not like that could even be melted back together either, huh? Have you thought about superglue? He must feel so horrible..

  2. I didn't think those were suppose to break! Oh well, you'll have to start planning a new wedding!!

  3. Oh no! Butttt, if he's gotta buy a new ring, maybe you should get a bonus ring too?

  4. Wow! We have tungsten rings and never imagined that they would do that. We were sold on their indestructibility!! Noted: don't drop our rings on the bathroom floor!! Great picture, though. Amazing.

  5. OH NO!!! I've never seen that happen before! I'm pretty sure that means your're divorced. ;-)

  6. Oh dear, that IS a bummer! I thought these things were s'posed to be indestructible. If it makes you feel any better (which I'm sure it won't) my husband LEFT his gorgeous, incredibly expensive wedding ring UNDER.A.CUP in a restraunt (don't ask) and it was lost forever. He now has like 4 new rings, several he got on ebay for like 20 bucks and I LOVE them. So there ya go.

  7. Oops! WEll it if helps, my husband welds and can't where a ring....he hasn't worn one in probably 16 years.. he also gained weight. shhh, so did I . Anyway we will have our 23 anniversary in January. so .....use the money for the new ring to go shopping!

  8. Mr. CB has lost his... TWICE!

    So nobody thinks he's married! Me either for that matter! I can't wear my ring bc I lost 50lbs and it no longer fits!!!!

  9. Oh my gosh! I had no idea it could do that! Don't feel bad though, my husband lost his band on the beach while giving me a piggy back ride on Christmas Eve. We still haven't replaced it!

    I offered him one of my bands, since I wear my wedding band and engagement ring. He didn't think it'd work. I think he'd look mighty fine with some shiny diamond bling. :D

  10. So I commented earlier, but I don't think it went through. Which makes me sad because it was a great comment. I think there's a comment-eating monster out there.

  11. Oh, how SAD!! (and also a little funny.) Will he get the exact same band again?

  12. OH NO! When my hubby and I went on our honeymoon, we were snorkeling in Bora Bora. My husband said OH NO when he realized he lost his wedding ring while snorkeling. We were married for a total of 2 days! LOL! Luckily, almost 8 years later, he's managed not to lose the second ring I bought him.

  13. AWWWWW he is probably so upset that he dropped it! i have never heard of a ring that breaks when you drop it! kinda cool but obviously delicate!

  14. Oh no is right!!

    My hubby lost his ring the day after our wedding...but luckily (for him) he found it. :)

  15. Oh my goodness. I didn't know that could happen. Can it be fixed or does he have to get a new one?

  16. Oh no!!! If it makes you feel any better, my husband lost his wedding band on our honeymoon of all places. We were snorkeling and it fell off in the ocean. We never did find it, but you better believe I bought him a new one and it looks exactly like the old one, so I'll live with it.

  17. Yipes! That would be a little disturbing wouldn't it?

    Am passing on a little blog award to you..check it out here...

  18. I know I already commented but I saw that Holly has tickled you pink today! Congrats! Funny about the ad. Maybe you should send them the picture.

  19. Bummer about the ring. My husband lost his when we were on vacation one year. We found it at the bottom of the hotel pool:)

    So glad you liked the eggplant calzone. I can't believe you made that on a hot day. That is a labor intensive

  20. Wow! I was a jeweler for 5 years and NEVER had a tungston ring break short of us having to remove one for emergency medical reasons! 90% of guys just lose them on the honeymoon because they never get them fitted properly! Sorry to hear about that!

  21. awwww....that's a bummer. I guess it's more of an "almost forever assuming that forever is 5 years or so" band

  22. Wow- I didn't even know a ring could DO that! I wonder if it's a defect or if you could contact the place you bought it from!

  23. Ohhhh CRAP! That's just a strange coincidence... a strange happening. I hope you all can get it replaced soon!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, following, and joining in the blogging queen sign giveaway! :D

  24. I laughed when I read that google was showing the ad for the ring at the bottom of your post! Good ol' google!

  25. You are taking this well. I would have run right out and got him a new one. I have this issue with married men not wearing their rings. It's a problem just waiting to happen.

  26. Holy cow! I thought those things were not suppose to break! That is insane! Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting!

  27. Oh no! I never would have thought it could break like that. I hope it's able to be fixed and you don't end up having to replace it.

  28. You know what's crazy? I have the same ring we bought when we married, I was 15 and 120 pounds. I gained up to 225 and still could wear it, I can't believe my fingers didn't grow with the weight gain, and now I've lost 30 pounds and they are still the same! Odd!

  29. Yipes! The jeweler we had worked with actually recommended us NOT to get tungsten or platinum, because of brittleness and the inability to polish out any scratches. We got a white gold band, and it survived 2 years of my husband's last job of roofing, torches, and tar. Thanks for stopping by!!

  30. My husband and I have been married 18 years, and suddenly a friend noticed his ring was way too small, and he pried it off. There's still a dent where it was. Then mine started "shrinking" too, so for awhile neither of us had a ring, and I wondered if we were still married too. . .

  31. oh no! i didn't know that about those rings.

  32. This happened to my friend too and these rings are suppose to be indestructible. My hubby better not drop his!

  33. WHOA! How in the world did that happen? I had no idea that Tungsten could break like that.

    Congrats on being this week's SITS Girl in the Spotlight! But I'm sorry that the catalyst was a broken wedding band...Here's hoping you can replace it soon with something a bit stronger. I hear sterling silver is pretty strong!

  34. Holy cow!!!

    And I thought tungsten was indestructible!! Yikes!! Hope you get a replacement soon -- and very funny about the ad at the bottom of your blog!

    First time visitor from SITS!

  35. Pesky Google! Flaunting the eternal aspect of tungsten. I think ill stop complaining that my husband is still wearing his gold and onyx wedding band of 20 years. LOL

  36. Oh no
    I hope he does not feel to bad
    (new visitor via SITS

  37. This happened to my husband last week. Luckily we bought the right "brand" from the jeweler. Normally they don't fall under their warranty because they can't be resized, but there was a manufacturer that replaces them for 19.99. Ours is being remade now!

    SITS girl!

  38. That is NUTS! The whole point to Tungsten rings is that they can't be Hubby is not going to believe this when he sees it. His wedding band is Tungsten too.

    And I thought that we had really put it to the test...attempting to smash it, scratch it and whatever on concrete. Never thought of just dropping it on porcelain tile.

  39. Sorry to hear that, but maybe something good can come of it. Maybe he could make some moving marriage-related collage that includes the broken pieces:)

  40. Wow, I thought those rings were unbreakable. It looks exactly like my husbands ring! I'm glad you found a replacement! My husband lifts weights with his on all the time so I thought it was so weird to see that it could break.

  41. same thing happened to mine. it slipped off drying my hands and shattered into 2 pieces. but since they're like $50 and impervious to everything else, i just picked up another and went on with my day.


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