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Noritake Colorwave Floral Accent Plate Collection

Dinnerware, my one splurge. Well, that and traveling. And chocolate. And clothes. And, the moment we move into our new house on 13.1 acres, shelter dogs that look like Biscuit. That last one is still unbeknownst to Sexy Nerd, who thankfully does not read my blog.

But back to my main point. I love my Noritake Colorwave Floral Accent Plates! We registered for one of each design for our wedding, but received only 4. My mom thought we'd registered for stupid things and refused to tell anyone where to find our registry. My grandma didn't care though. Thank you for the 4 plates, Grandma.

noritake colorwave floral accent
 Isn't she just the cutest grandma ever? She's teenier every time I see her. At Christmas this year, I expect her to be about a foot tall, maybe a foot and a half.

Accent plate, smaccent plate, Mom. Get enough of them and you have a respectable dinnerware set!

My collection is perfect for everyday dining as well as more formal occasions.

You know, the kind of everyday dining where you're constantly paranoid about breaking a $20 plate. Sexy Nerd and I are both extremely careful with our plates, which is 10% due to fear of losing one, 90% thanks to a mutually agreed-upon-but-never-spoken battle for power within our marriage. I will not be the first person to break one!

I suspect Sexy Nerd has actually broken quite a few by now but has frantically replaced them before I noticed.

This is dinnerware that can withstand the entertaining frequency of even the most antisocial. I'm looking right at you, Sexy Nerd.

Okay, I should really just look in a mirror. One day though, I will throw the most fabulous dinner parties. I'm already prepared, with everything I need squirreled away throughout our house. Did you know we have monogrammed napkins, a variety of platters, and itty bitty decorative toothpick flags stored in one of many "party boxes"? I'm an epic entertainer, in my mind.

Oh, and it gets worse. I actually invite people to these mind parties that I know will never exist. Sexy Nerd is having a grand birthday/housewarming party eleven months from now and everyone is invited. That party is not going to happen. Three sentences in a row with italics? THAT'S A VERY BAD SIGN, HOPEFUL PARTY GUESTS! 

But I'm getting off topic.

Has my collection increased a little since this photo was taken? It has increased a lot! If Noritake makes it, I need it.

Party time! You know, at some point in the future, possibly.