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Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce (How to Improve)

Yesterday's meal of Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce was a big, lemony failure. I set out to jazz up the leftovers today, but half expected the entire thing to end up in the trash.

Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce
Yuck, cold leftovers!

Add a couple handfuls of spinach.

*Nifty Tip* Storing rinsed spinach inside a Tupperware or glass container with a paper towel on the top and a paper towel on the bottom keeps it edible and slime-free for a long time.

Add a few splashes of coconut milk

Another "by the way" moment: I love our can opener! Not only does it leave a smooth edge around the lid so that your cooking isn't interrupted by running off to find a first aid kit, it also creates a great way to re-seal the can if you don't use the entire contents.

Ta da! With the added spinach and coconut milk, as well as some homemade "french fries", this was actually a pretty tasty meal. 

If you're going to buy Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce, disregard the directions on the bottle. Unless you really love lemon, I suppose.