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Fallen Off the Face of the Earth?

Nope! We're still here, albeit semi-absent from the blogging world. Geez, I didn't even post the Not "Baaad" Sundays linky this weekend (tsk, tsk!). Sexy Nerd and I have been 100% distracted by something since last weekend. We are thinking...

...of buying a house!

And not just any old dumpy house either. Well, okay, the house at the top of our list right now is about as dumpy as they come (it's a foreclosure that would need everything redone, including repairing the damage from this winter when all the pipes burst). But it has potential! Over 5,000 square feet of potential, actually, which is a bit nuts because we were originally hoping to downsize from our current 2,700 sq ft house. We also have a few more reasonably sized homes to visit today and tomorrow.

We're dreading selling our first home, partly because it seems like such an overwhelming process. What if our buyer wants to purchase with a contingency, but then their buyer needs a contingency, and so on? I feel like we could be reliant on the sale of dozens of homes before we can close on ours!

Our current house is so perfect, with everything remodeled to be exactly what we're looking for. Still, there are some tempting homes on the market.

glenwood hills albuquerque
We're going to go check out this pretty house today. It's in our dream neighborhood, Glenwood Hills, and is even more charming in person. Fingers crossed that the inside is so wonderful we can scrap our silly 5,000 sq ft fixer upper idea!


The house above was gorgeous and exactly our style...but it's a no. The homeowners and realtor lied about the land behind their yard being open space (it's not) and they haven't ever paid property taxes because the house is "part of the church" (also not). There were just too many red flags to proceed. Plus, this isn't a dealbreaker but it is icky - there are mice pooping all over the kitchen.