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Washi Tape Ideas

My favorite blogger, Heather Spohr, is always knocking my socks off with her seemingly effortless crafts. She'll hand make an assortment of scarves, wreaths, and from-scratch party supplies, all while conjuring up red carpet-worthy hairstyles and posting on her blog every single day. I barely have the patience to think up the blog post, let alone photograph and document every step.

Which is why this is right up my alley...

Staples recently mailed me a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon (yippee!) so I found myself browsing through their store this morning, trying to figure out the best bang for my (their?) buck. Washi Tape was on sale and there were dozens of sizes and designs to choose from. It's one of those products that seems to be everywhere lately, so I decided to see what all the fuss is about.

Not a blue cookie - sorry, Pica!

Washi Tape is popular for a reason. Not crafty? No patience? Can't draw a straight line to save your life? Washi Tape is the home decor product you've been dreaming of! Within 10 minutes of coming home today, I'd found a use for all 3 rolls of Washi Tape, all within the same blue guest bedroom.

Super dull door.

A fun jolt of unexpected color - surprise, guests!

My super long shelf looks super boooring.

"It must have taken you hours to paint that shelf!"


With my newfound tool of awesomeness, I was unstoppable.


The tags on this hula hoop have always made me wacky. They won't come off.



In fact, the Washi Tape is so easy to use that I took a page our of Heather Spohr's handbook and abandoned my lazy ways, painstakingly covering the entire hula hoop in Washi Tape. I alternated between green and blue tapes in 3" sections, which I carefully premeasured to ensure equal amounts of each color consistently throughout the hoop.

 Yeah, right!

Want more washi tape decorating ideas? You can use it to jazz up stationary and cards, like my cute "Tea for 3 and 3 for Tea" party invitation.