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Wood Chandelier (How Did They Know?!)

My lovable, wacky boss finds it concerning that the internet knows so much about all of our lives. Google a product and suddenly ads for the exact same thing appear on every website you visit. If I search for something at work while logged into my boss's Gmail account, it affects my browsing when I go home, though I'm using a completely different account on a completely different computer. The internet even knows who-knows-who.

Well, my boss is going to be FREAKED OUT by this one.

I was browsing through old design magazines last night, trying to get ideas for the house we're building. I was reading an old issue of Country Living, from 2007 or so, and came across a photo of a kitchen with the most amazing wooden chandeliers. Where a typical chandelier would have dangling, sparkly crystals, this one had wood hanging from each light. They were perfect for our mountain home! The article detailed where to buy everything in the house, from the valences down to the throw rugs - everything except the darn light fixtures!

I opened my Gmail this morning and found a link to this:

Yes, it's the exact same one from the nearly decade-old magazine.

My boss may burn her computer after this.

The chandelier of my dreams? It's on sale for $1,240.00. So much for buying a dozen of them.