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The 4 to 5 Day Weekend

Sexy Nerd never gets to spend 4 days relaxing at home. Over the weekend, however, that's exactly what happened. He tidied up our patio, did some telecommuting (because even during a holiday weekend, he misses his job.)(Also, he's insane.), rearranged his cactus collection, did laundry, hosted a barbecue for my parents (though one of them stood us up), caught up on his schoolwork, and watched hours and hours of racing.

Then, he was bored. There was nothing left to fix or build or dismantle. In fact, he became so bored he got the itch to buy a new house, rather than wait to build our own, simply for the sake of having something to do. The plans are out to bid, Sexy Nerd. Be patient!

(Truth be told, I actually really like this house. Isn't it charming? It would be like living inside a Mexican restaurant.)

When it was finally time to return to work this morning, Sexy Nerd was thrilled. He got up, stepped into the shower, and...

...discovered our hot water heater had died.

You had 4 days to break, you stupid water heater!

(The water heater, sitting smugly in disrepair.)