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The Waterfall House

A while back, Sexy Nerd and I had the opportunity to purchase a unique house in our dream neighborhood, Glenwood Hills. It had a charming bridge to the double front doors, incredible views of Albuquerque, and an interior practically glowing in natural light, but also a few flaws. The cosmetic fixes, such as a new kitchen, new bathrooms, new walls, new everything, we could tackle, but there were also severe structural issues.

After much debate (and finding the skeleton of a bat inside the house), we decided it wasn't a good fit for us. Still, I wonder if we made the right choice. We drive by it sometimes and see that the new owners are slowly destroying it, little by little. They cleared every living thing from the yard, leaving just a wasteland of hot dirt, and replaced the garage doors with ones that are super-boring. The house is crying out for a modern, contemporary face lift - boring garage doors are all wrong!

We should have just purchased it. I mean, where else are you going to find a house with a waterfall, built right into the side of a mountain?

It starts out nice enough.

Sexy Nerd could fix this.

The sellers rolled out the welcome mat for us.

Something about this doesn't seem quite right.

Are wires and cables supposed to stretch across here?

I've never seen stucco ooze before.

Okay, so there were a few iffy things going on outside. When you walked through the front doors though, it was gorgeous. The wood! The light! The openness!

I had big plans for this old bathroom.

And even bigger plans for this old kitchen (I was going to move it downstairs, so it would be with the living area and garage instead of the bedrooms).

But it's hard to fix a balcony that's falling down. 
(Side note: Looking through these photos, I can't help feeling that we all should have left our shoes on.)

And, of course, there was the biggest challenge of all...

The waterfall.

If you looked over the railing after walking through the front door, this is what you saw.

 I don't think it ever successfully worked as a waterfall, but that's what the original homeowners had intended, back in the days of wet bars and wood paneling.
It was just a very, very special house.

This house has been flipped! Check out the updated photos. Personally, I think my poor waterfall house has been ruined. :(