Search to find nonsense I've forgotten I wrote:


Excerpt from an email I sent my BFF on 12/13/11: 

A few months ago, Sexy Nerd and I were browsing land and houses online, not really planning to buy anything, and came across a listing for a 13.1 acre property in the mountains. It was described as having "various meadows and views of 4-5 mountain ranges", which seemed funny to us. We walked the property and, although we didn't find anything we would consider to be a meadow, we bought it. Now we're designing a home to build on it. 

4.5 years later, I received this nifty email from Old Republic Title:

Congratulations, we have closed, funded and inspected.  You may start construction. Happy Homebuilding!

That's right. WE'RE BREAKING GROUND TODAY!!! Can you believe we're finally, FINALLY going to build? Woo hoo hoo!

We spent the weekend shopping for tile FOR OUR DREAM HOME THAT WE'RE ACTUALLY BUILDING!
(Not this exact tile. Ick.)

Oh, and now I finally get to use this:

 Why did I resist watching you for so long, Breaking Bad?

Our expectations of what would actually be accomplished today were pretty low, figuring "breaking ground" would amount to setting up a porta potty and not much else. But guess what?

The side says "Central Mexico Pumping". I'm just going to go ahead and assume the "New" got scratched off by mistake...from both sides...

Panorama Homes has already set up the porta potty...we're ahead of schedule!