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Construction Update: Drywall

I've been told I need to post more photos of the construction of our new dream home. Happy to oblige!

Currently, most of our windows are covered with plastic film to protect them when the house is stuccoed, so everything has a hazy, greenish hue. Note that I said "most". Apparently, it's fine for some of the windows to end up splattered in stucco.


Other side of the kitchen 

Ack! I hate that cutout along the ceiling SO MUCH. Seriously, what is wrong with our construction crew? Does that look anything like the photo to you? 

Groin ceiling inside the dining nook

Curved floor of the hallway bathroom...because why not? 

Hallway beams and my infamous crapper window

Looking the other direction down the hallway

Barrel vault ceiling 

Guest bedroom 

Double tray ceiling inside the master bedroom 

Even in a green-certified home, there's nothing green about the construction process. 

Here are our interior doors, patiently waiting to be installed. The construction crew ordered these much further in advance than necessary, probably so their indecisive customer would be forced to stop changing her mind about them.

We've finally chosen paint colors, wood stain, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and all the other little details required to build a house from scratch, which is great because the crew needed these decisions yesterday. Well, we've almost, nearly decided. We're very close to reaching final decisions. I think.