Construction Update: 3 Bathroom Styles, 1 House

There are a million decisions to make when designing and building a new home, from the pitch of the roof to the teensiest light bulb. Rather than try to choose between our favorite styles, we've mixed them all.

Amazingly, the different tiles, colors, and materials have actually worked together to become one cohesive design. Thank goodness!

Guest Suite Bathroom
Our "rustic" style bathroom

Rustic GLAM by the time it's finished.

We continued the flooring right up the wall. To the right of the brick is the shower.

See? Rustic...glam!

I have the cutest chipmunk artwork to hang behind this tub.

You'll be able to simultaneously bathe and bask in the chipmunky cuteness.

bathroom with red brick
Update: We're moved in and I just LOVE my little chipmunk. He's not on the wall though because Sexy Nerd is afraid of damaging the brick. Perhaps we can hang wires from the ceiling and attach my artwork to them. It's not the craziest idea I've ever had.

Speaking of the craziest idea I've ever had...

This wall is in the center of the bathroom. It's 16 feet tall and has brick on all 4 sides. How cool is that?

We bought the vanity from my boss and it looked amazing in our current house. However, in the new house, it looks cheap and ugly. I guess that's a good sign, right?

Perhaps we'll paint it.

Inside the shower

We ran the floor tile into the shower, which brought our total payment to the tile folks from $51,431.71 to $51,531.71.

I don't doubt that it's more difficult to install shower tile like this, but come on.

Remember how we included an interior window that looks from the foyer into the guest bathroom? It's being redone, along with the entire foyer. This house will never be finished.

Also, you can't see anyone naked through the window. I swear! You can't see anyone, period, even on your tip toes. 

Our guests are going to be too afraid to use this fabulous bathroom, aren't they?

Office Bathroom
Our "spa" style bathroom

This is the most beautiful shower I've ever seen in my life. How do I convey its radiance through photos? We went "high/low" by pairing pricey Lancaster Celery tile from Tile Bar with inexpensive travertine subway tiles from Lowes.

I need a new camera. The tile needs to be cleaned too. Everything in the house is currently covered in construction dust.

Better photography skills may help as well. 

Update: I have a new camera! See much better photos of this gorgeous bathroom decorated for autumn and decorated for springtime.

You know, I was thrilled with how this bathroom turned out, but now that I'm looking at these photos, it seems like we should have continued the travertine from the shower all the way to the end of the wall instead of stopping at the door. I wonder if it's too late.

(Says the girl who can't believe the construction process is taking so long.)

Master Bathroom
Our "crazy" style'll understand in a moment.

With a skylight and wood-look tile, every day is like camping. Perfect, right? We'll be one with nature and at peace with the universe and feeling zen and all kinds of other hippie stuff. 

But I couldn't leave well enough alone. It's our shower, I thought. We should add a bold and fun tile, just for us!

My idea of bold and fun:

Bold! And fun! Also, it makes me dizzy and a little nauseous to look at it. Do they make a pre-shower version of Dramamine?

The white grout was too stark of a contrast. Sexy Nerd says not to worry because our dirty feet will quickly gunk up the shower. That's...good?

Until then, I guess I'll be showering in my office or the guest suite. No peeking through the window, Sexy Nerd.

(Not that you can see anything. Really!)

Every shower should have a skylight. There are no lights turned on in the above photo. Can you believe it?

The bathroom floor tile continues right out the soon-to-be glass door onto the private patio, creating an indoor-outdoor vibe.

And now, of all the photos I could end this post with...

The Panorama Homes construction crew made a poop out of grout. 

This would have seemed funnier to us 8 months ago. We broke ground June, 2016. It's now July, 2017 and there's no end in sight. It's only 2,900 square feet and we're doing a lot of the detail work ourselves. Will this house ever be finished?! 

Zen thoughts. Zen thoughts. (Don't look down.) Zen thoughts.