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How I Lost 8 Pounds Without Dieting or Exercising

easy diet tip

Today, I have the easiest weight loss tip ever to share with you. I've never been overweight, but now that I'm in my 30s, the scale has been creeping up year after year and it has seemed impossible to drop even one pound and keep it off. Our Alaskan cruise a few years ago really did me in - I jumped from 118 pounds to 124 and never lost an ounce. (Remember my blog post, Eating Our Way Through Alaska? Yeah, I may have gotten carried away. I love meringue!)

There wasn't much in my lifestyle to improve. We don't buy soda. I shop from the produce section more than anywhere else in the store and we eat home-cooked meals almost daily. Fad diets worked as a temporary solution, but the weight would quickly come right back. Lately, my scale has been hitting 130. 130! I haven't gotten any taller since weighing 118 a few years ago. (Wouldn't that be nice?) My weight gain was unacceptable but I had no idea how to reverse it. I fell into the solution.

We ran out of cereal.

About two months ago, we ran out of cereal and I didn't buy more. Now, I'm not talking about Trix or Cap'n Crunch or anything that's more sugar than grain. Our pantry was usually stocked with healthy options, like Multigrain Cheerios and Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat. At least, I'd always thought they were healthy.

Without making any other changes to my diet, the scale began rolling back. 130, 128, 125, and now I am at 122. The only thing I've done differently is cut out cereal for two months. What an easy way to boost weight loss! Note that I am not saying that I cut out breakfast entirely. I love breakfast! I don't think I could ever go to work on an empty stomach. Instead of cereal though, I've been having eggs, plain yogurt, and/or oatmeal with berries. (Real oatmeal - not that sugary garbage from the Quaker packets.) If you're not much of a cereal eater, you're probably going to find this diet tip underwhelming. However, if you have a bowl of cereal most mornings and even turn to Kellogg's for an occasional snack, this can be a game-changer.

This has been so simple. I don't plan to ever buy cereal again.

Did you know cereal is the devil? Neither did I.
Also, how cute is my little cereal devil? He's all like, "Rawr!"


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