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Bathroom Remodel Photos

Here are some bathroom photos we love, saved while planning a renovation in our previous home. I collected all these randomly before I created a blog, so unfortunately I do not have any links to post with the photos.

I don't think Houzz even existed when I saved these bathroom photos! Most of them, and quite possibly all of them, are from the now-defunct HGTV's Rate My Space. Remember that site? I would upload photos of our house, proud of my first-ever decorating attempts, and just about die when mean people left comments.

People are jerks.

If you know where any of these should link to, please let me know and I'll be happy to provide credit where credit is due or remove the photo.

Now, onto the bathroom photos to inspire your next remodel!

From a million years ago when I saved this post as a draft and forgot about it: I'm definitely leaning toward an all or mostly white bathroom, with lots of sparkly & shiny accents. However, since Sexy Nerd and I tend to be a little on the slobby side when it comes to keeping our home tidy, an all white bathroom may just end up being silly.

A girl can dream though!

7/6/19 Update: SN and I are still not the best housekeepers, but we do have a nearly all-white bathroom. It's clean...more or less.