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Salamanca Market

If you're in Hobart on a Saturday (make a point to be in Hobart on a Saturday), there's no better place to fulfill your foodie dreams than the Salamanca Market. Skip breakfast - you'll be glad you did. Ooh, and go with someone you can share with so you can try twice as many things!

Salamanca Market

Admission is free. Parking can be an issue, as the Salamanca Market is Tasmania's most visited tourist attraction, but you can avoid any hassle by staying at a hotel within walking distance, such as the St Ives Apartments. We spent two nights there and found it to be clean and comfortable.

Hate crowds? (Who doesn't?) We were concerned about this, so we arrived right when the market opened. It was the day before Mother's Day, which seems like it should be especially busy, and practically had the place to ourselves. 

Allow 1 to 2 hours to see (and eat!) everything. Prices were reasonable, at least by farmer's market standards.

You may only get one opportunity to visit the Salamanca Market during your lifetime. Make the most of it. Here are the best foods to eat at the Salamanca Market, plus a few duds you don't want to waste your time and money on:

Salamanca Market
Smith's is rumored to have the best scallop pies in Hobart. Jackman & McRoss is also good, but they aren't at the Salamanca Market.

salamanca market
Despite the drizzly May weather, I couldn't resist a big scoop of rum raisin ice cream. That was a mistake. Ice cream is never a mistake, but there are better ice cream prices and selections near the Hobart waterfront, plus I was so full by the time we left the market that I really should have skipped this to save room for treats that were more unique.

We also had 4 of these tarts boxed up for that evening's dinner. With flavors like "Roast Pumpkin, Feta, & Red Onion Jam" and "Blueberry, Chocolate, & Custard," how could we resist?

hobart bakery
SN has a weakness for freshly baked bread - he has even built us an outdoor oven! I treated him to a loaf of organic sourdough from Summer Kitchen. This turned out to be a perfect hiking snack later when we were exploring Tasmania's national parks.

fun foods to try in hobart 
What's an Oliebollen? They're fruit doughnuts tossed in cinnamon sugar. We only bought 1 per person and that wasn't enough. You can also opt to have these covered with icing, like a cinnamon roll, but that sounded messy.

the most popular tourist stop in hobart
From the same vendor, we purchased fried mushrooms on a stick. I'd read on TripAdvisor that they're amazing...but they were amazingly bad! I think the problem may have been that we hit the market first thing in the morning, resulting in our mushrooms being fried before the oil was up to temperature. I wish they'd just asked us to come back in 10 minutes.

SN actually ruined his jacket eating the first mushroom. He took a bite and a big glob of oil dribbled onto him. That's exactly what you don't need at the beginning of 3 weeks in Australia.

Silver Hill Fisch 
I'm not into seafood and certainly never thought I'd enjoy a salmon sausage, but Silver Hill Fisch changed my mind. SN and I agreed that it was one of the best things to eat at the Salamanca Market.

salmon sausage
$8 well spent. 

In addition to food, there were many vendors selling artwork and handmade souvenirs. We came this close to buying an enormous, heavy set of hammered door pulls. Luckily, we came to our senses and realized how impractical they would be to lug around for the remaining 2.5 weeks of our trip. The vendor made them so hard to resist though - everyone in Tasmania is so friendly!

You can also buy Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey in a variety of sizes, including tiny jars perfect for one or two days in Hobart. If you're planning to buy a large jar, make sure it's well sealed and don't open it until you get home, otherwise customs will make you throw it away when you leave Tasmania. There are big signs and bins at the airports specifically targeting honey.

salamanca market in may

 The Salamanca Market was like a foodie fantasy. We spent about $50, which was only about $35 because of the favorable exchange rate of the Australian dollar to the US dollar. Not bad for the best breakfast of our trip, plus a lot of fun! 

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