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Haircut Story

8/2/20: I've updated this post (from several years ago - no COVID haircuts for me) with a funny haircut story. Enjoy!

You know those girls who obsess over their hair and have a standing appointment with the salon every 6 weeks? That's not me. I've always been the type of girl who gets her hair cut just once or twice a year - whenever Great Clips or Super Cuts sends out a $4.99 haircut coupon. 

When Groupon offered 50% off at the top-rated Salon Phoenix in Albuquerque, I decided to splurge. I love my new haircut!

Haircut story
If I had any Photoshop skills, I could change this background. You just can't beat the lighting in my closet.

My celebrity haircut
A few days after my new do, the latest issue of Redbook was released. Who else sees the haircut resemblance?

I love my new haircut

I wish I'd thought to bring my camera to the salon. When my hair was being highlighted and was crimped into dozens of foil pieces, I looked like I could have been the baby of the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.

Though, I suppose them having a baby together would overshadow my snazzy new haircut.

Haircut Story

Funny haircut story from a girl who has no business being at the salon.

Because these things always seem to happen to me, I have a silly story from the salon. You know those dozens of foil pieces I mentioned above? The ones for my highlights? A few of them were leaking! 

I don't know the specifics of hair dying, but I was fairly certain that liquid should not be oozing out of the foil and running all over the smock the stylist had placed on me. (Thank goodness for the smock!) 

This should be the part of the story where I alerted my stylist, and I wanted to, but I have too much anxiety. After all, I don't know the specifics of hair dying. I couldn't risk calling out to the stylist over something that might be no big deal, so I just sat there, listening to the slow drip, drip, drip of the highlighting liquid run from my smock to the floor and freaking the f*** out, albeit only inside my mind.

You can probably guess the end of this story. When the stylist returned to check on me, she was absolutely SHOCKED that I hadn't said anything. 

"Oh. I hadn't noticed," I politely fibbed.


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