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Old Amsterdam Cheese

What kind of cheese is Old Amsterdam? Old Amsterdam is an aged Gouda cheese made of cow’s milk. Compared to a younger (not aged) Gouda, it has a harder texture, more deepened color, and an intense, buttery flavor with just a hint of sweetness.

If you're a cheese simpleton like I used to be, you might see this post and wonder What does Gouda taste like? It has a strong, rich flavor. I think the best way to describe it is that Gouda tastes fancy. (Yes, fancy!) 

Old Amsterdam Cheese

FAQs, Recipes, & Wine Pairings - Gouda 101 for Cheese Simpletons

Old Amsterdam Cheese

Have you ever made a sandwich, only to have your slice of cheddar add pointless, wasted calories because you can't taste it among all the other ingredients? This isn't a problem with a bold slice of Old Amsterdam Gouda. It's a cheese with a strong flavor.

Old Amsterdam Pairings

Old Amsterdam cheese pairs well with simple ingredients, such as fruit, chocolate, and nuts, elevating a lackluster grouping of ingredients into something special. What sells it for me is the fact that Old Amsterdam Gouda can take an everyday food and dazzle it up.

A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a rich, ruby red Port (Sexy Nerd's favorite - it tastes like raisins to me!) would also be a nice complement for this cheese. Fancy.

Old Amsterdam cheese recipes
Imagine this: You and your own Sexy Nerd are in the woods, just the two of you, camping overnight and having a romantic picnic dinner. They are the one who packed the thoughtful meal - cherries, almonds, cheese, everything - without even having to be asked.

(Sexy Nerd has never and probably will never do this, hence the beauty - and necessity - of imagining.)

romantic picnic lunch with wine pairings
Forget those time-consuming egg salad sandwiches. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Old Amsterdam Recipes

Looking for a casual, yet impressive, snack?

sandwich with Old Amsterdam cheese
Place 2 peppered slices of lunch meat on a hamburger bun.

sandwich with gouda
Add a fried egg, spicy brown mustard, and a slice of Gouda.

gouda breakfast
It's the same breakfast sandwich you've made a thousand times, but special.

"Can Gouda be grated?" you wonder. There's one surefire way to find out.

can you grate gouda
Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda grates amazingly. It turns super-light and fluffy.

gouda cheese salad
I like to grate Gouda directly over a cold salad with lettuce, turkey, and tomatoes.

"Can I melt Gouda?" This question has me dreaming of an Old Amsterdam grilled cheese. Doesn't that sound yummy? Alas, no bread. We're well stocked with tortillas though. What New Mexico home isn't?

old amsterdam quesadilla
Try this: Sprinkle a handful of Gouda onto a tortilla.

cheese and tomatoes
Top with 4 or 5 tomato slices.

old amsterdam recipes
Sprinkle with dried rosemary and heat in the toaster oven for about 4 minutes, which is just the right amount of time to get the cheese nice and gooey but not overly crisp the tortilla.

party food
Roll up into a scrumptious Gouda Tomato Wrap. Isn't it gorgeous?

my favorite gouda recipe
And, of course, there are always Popovers with Onion and Gouda to be made!

eggs in a basket using old amsterdam cheese
Sexy Nerd, inspired by all my Gouda ideas, once bought a loaf of bread on his way home, snuck out of bed early, and surprised me with Eggs in a Basket (aka Bird's Nests, Egg-in-the-Hole, Toad in a Hole, etc. - around here, these are Eggs in a Basket) made with Gouda. Wasn't that sweet of him?

Now I feel bad about my picnic remark earlier in this post. Not quite bad enough to change it, but close.

You probably think he was being cute and creative by using the star-shaped cookie cutter. Actually, it's the only cookie cutter we own.


does gouda pair with green chile
Sexy Nerd made this using Old Amsterdam Gouda and Hatch Green Chile. It may not be the most beautiful breakfast, but it was delicious!

Where to Buy Old Amsterdam

Do I have your tummy grumbling for some Gouda yet? Old Amsterdam is sold in many grocery stores, including Trader Joes.