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Acrylic Clawfoot Tub - Fooled Them!

Stealing a Clawfoot Tub

(Or So They Thought)

We recently built our dream home and were able to save money by supplying many of the fixtures ourselves. We had an acrylic clawfoot tub shipped to our current house and brought it to the construction site the Saturday that it was supposed to be installed. There was a delay though (if you know anything at all about construction, you surely just read that and thought OF COURSE there was a delay, as that's Construction 101), so the plumber was not going to be able to get to our tub installation until Monday. 

We left the tub and my husband returned to the construction site on Sunday to work on the landscaping. To his surprise, two men from the construction crew showed up around the same time. No one worked on the house on Sundays. 

Clawfoot tub

The men seemed startled when they saw him. Flustered, they announced they were just there to install baseboards. After about 30 minutes, they left. 

They drove from town to our home in the mountains on their day off to install baseboards for 30 minutes? We've always suspected they planned to steal the clawfoot tub, not realizing that it's just an acrylic look-alike of a much more expensive tub.

We've now been in our home 3 years and this tub is still as good as new, despite using it frequently to bathe 2 rambunctious pitbulls! In fact, we're preparing to build a vacation home and will be making another purchase from for that house.

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Bernadette won't let anyone steal our faux clawfoot tub. She might push it over though.


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