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Pamir Garden Wallpaper

Here's a sneak peek at our wallpapered hallway bathroom. I'm writing up the big reveal blog post for it right now and couldn't wait one more moment to share a photo. 

Pamir Garden Wallpaper
Pamir Garden by Sanderson Wallpapers

Isn't this just the most whimsical and charming wallpaper ever? According to the information that was included with our order, this brand is the official wallpaper of Buckingham Palace. Fancy!

What's that? You know I'm a procrastinator and you can't wait one more moment (okay, more like one more week) for my hallway bathroom reveal? Here's one more photo, just because I like you:

Blue and White Bathroom
That cute butterfly is hiding a little oopsie from the wallpaper installation.

I'm pretty pleased with how our bathroom looks here, but it gets even better. There has been a BIG improvement since these photos were taken and, even better, it's a project that was so easy to do. You can even incorporate it into your own wallpaper projects, just like *snaps fingers* that. 

Interesting Weird side note: I actually have never been able to snap my fingers.

Stay tuned.