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A Healthy Recipe: KALE CHIPS (Also, No Recipe!)

You've probably noticed some changes to my blog lately. There's a new header almost weekly (I really like my new one and think it's here to stay...though I said the exact same thing about the last one, which is dead to me now), I'm posting more frequently, and I've been cleaning up some of the nonsense in old posts. Wow, there's so much nonsense! 

Plus, I've completely done away with anything lamb-related from the good ol' LambAround days, so if you're a new reader to this blog, you're going to be confused if you look very far into the post archives, which is lamb everything. I'm working on it! I see all these other blogs succeeding and think Hey, I can do that. Call it a side effect of my latest crazy brain meltdown.

Today, I'm looking through drafts that were never posted. Here's a gem from 2011, where I took a million photos to teach you how to make kale chips. The photos are from 2011 and the text is from today because in 5 years, lazy me never got around to writing anything. Also, there will be no kale chips recipe included with this post because EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE KALE CHIPS. If you don't, Google it and I'm sure you'll find plenty of other bloggers happy to help.

I just Googled it. Guess how many results came up?


Wet kale! OMG

Wet kale swishing in a colander! That piece on the right was photographed mid-air. I know I'm supposed to be making fun of these old photos, but damn that's awesome. Way to go, 2011 me.

Oh, wait. My mid-air piece of kale is actually still attached to the stem, which is not at all mid-air. Shucks.

Still more photos of wet kale, can you believe it? I must have worried you wouldn't believe I actually wash my veggies unless I showed proof.

(And then maybe that first proof, and then the second, might not be enough to convince you.)

Magically, the kale is now dry and seasoned. I think we may have missed a step here.

You must see it closer! CLOSER!!

Are your baking mats red too? And they don't actually work very well? This is what happens when you're too cheap to invest in a Silpat.

Kitchen Pig (remember him?) is terrorizing my tiny green city.

Om, nom nom.

(This order makes no sense whatsoever.)
My spices aren't all from the dollar store, I swear.

This piece of kale appears to have a spider web attached. Do you see it, over toward the lower right? What the heck is that and how did it survive being washed and baked?

It's overcooked and undercooked, all at the same time.

Pica wants some kale.

This piece looks better, though I suspect it's actually the same piece of over/undercooked kale from before.
Very sneaky, 2011 me.

Biscuit wants some kale too...though she doesn't actually like kale. I know once she gets it, she's just going to hoard it away in her bed and ferociously growl any time Pica comes near. Considering they share the bed, that's pretty messed up, Biscuit.

Also, THAT TONGUE!!! She is such a goober.

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