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DIY Bathroom Remodel - An Update

This bathroom remodel is finally finished! Here are the glorious AFTER photos.

Even better, we've moved. Be sure to check out photos of the bathrooms in our new dream home in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, NM. I may be a bit biased, as we designed everything in the new house from scratch, but can confidently say they're stunning.

Recently, I came home from work to discover that my husband had used his day off work to demolish our master bathroom - surprise!

Adding an electric fireplace to a bathroom
The new sink area is coming along nicely. It used to be 75% of SN's walk-in closest. Eventually, there will be a mosaic tile countertop joining the 2 sinks. There will also be a big, sparkly chandelier here, as well as an electric fireplace.

Installing a Jacuzzi tub
Our "new" Jacuzzi tub (new to us, at least) is installed and ready for use. If only I had ordered the waterfall faucet sooner!

What's that? You don't think we would actually take a bath with everything in the room destroyed and covered in dust and pokey nails? You don't know me at all. I need to take a hot bubble bath because our room is destroyed and everything we love and hold dear is covered in dust and pokey nails.

Update: Yes, a bubble bath in our Jacuzzi tub. When all this nonsense was finally over, we added bubble bath all the time while simultaneously running the jets. Nothing broke, however we did need to flush the jets with diluted vinegar every 5 or so baths.

Construction mess
I'm looking forward to getting our home back to normal.

Bathroom remodel before and after photos
This area is being torn out to make room for our new walk-in shower. Note the awesome pocket door for the water closet. We found it at Re-Store for only $15! The old cabinets are moving to the garage. On HGTV, they always take a sledgehammer and smash whatever is being replaced. So wasteful! It drives us crazy.

Building a fireplace
I think a good rule when renovating is to make an extra effort to keep the rest of your home tidy. SN disagrees. Does all this wood really need to be stored in the bedroom?

The shower is gone! So much for that being "the absolute last step of the project". I guess using the guest bathroom isn't that bad.

Removing an old shower
Just when you thought it couldn't get any messier...

bathroom demolition
My pack rat side won't let me get rid of the old shower door. We donated the bathroom fan from the guest bathroom and look what happened - we needed a fan for our remodeled master bathroom and had to buy a new one for $30!

But realistically, what am I going to do with an old shower door? Maybe if our new walk-in shower opening ends up getting water everywhere (Sexy Nerd swears it won't), we can use it again.

Messy bedroom
Eventually, we're going to need to throw some things away.

Extra square footage between walls
This renovation just got interesting. We discovered a hidden passageway between the walls of the two bathrooms. We are so totally adding that extra square footage to the closet behind the wall on the left.

Old cabinets
Not the old cabinets though. I have no idea what we'll do with them, but as soon as they're gone, you just know we'll think of the coolest use for them ever.

Update: They have been upcycled into garage cabinets and are now living their best life.

JRT in bathtub
Sorry Pica. The old garden tub is not staying in the loft forever!