$3 Dining Room Chairs

Do you ever sit down to write and say "Noooooo, I don't want to blog today!" That's me right now. Since LambAround is just for fun, I'm going to be lazy and go bake something with pumpkin instead (we have sooooo much pumpkin!) For now, here is a post rerun. That's allowed, right?

Sexy Nerd and I have been looking for new chairs for a while. My old Ashley Furniture glass dining table and metal chairs from college just weren't right in our new house. However, as the old dining set cost $200 for the table and 4 chairs, I was having trouble justifying $100 or so per chair for replacements. So, the glass table is now being used as a desk in my office, Sexy Nerd refinished an old dining room table to match our style, and the old chairs received a much-needed update, courtesy of a $3 can of burgundy spray paint (which looks pink when photographed, for some reason).

Now to find cheap upholstery fabric that looks awesome!

And learn how to reupholster a chair!

And sew more of that upholstery fabric into matching curtains! And sand/paint those yucky cabinet doors! And rearrange all the furniture! And find 2 more chairs that will look good with these because we want to seat 6! And build a window seat in the dining room!

Ah, good times.


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  2. Are you talking about sanding your kitchen cabinets? Was that your kitchen you posted the other day because HI, it's GORGEOUS!

  3. Mr. Fine and I redid our dining chairs -- they popped right off and we staple gunned the new fabric right over top. They've lasted years. :-)

  4. The chairs look great. I really wish I was handier.

  5. Nice chairs. Also, I have days like that ALL.THE.TIME.

  6. I love the new color on the chairs! They will be easy to re-upholster. I just redid mine using fabric from a futon cover that I found at the Salvation Army


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