The Best Decorating Ideas and Dream Home Inspiration

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Decorating Ideas From Our New Home
We love living in the New Mexico mountains!

1. Dream Home Dreaming

2. How to Decorate with Antlers (real and faux)

3. Rustic Holiday Decor

4. Kitchen with White Cabinets and Red Brick

5. Hallway Bathroom Reveal - Reclaimed Alligator Juniper Vanity

6. Overbudget? LOL

7. 3 Bathroom Styles, 1 House (Rustic, Spa, and Glamorous)

8. 6 Ways to Get the Statement Lighting You Love - On a Budget

Wallpaper Ideas

1. The Great Wallpaper Mural Indecision (photos from our new home)

2. 60 Best Wallpapers

3. Dining Room Wallpaper Mural (photos from our old home)

custom home design

Building a House - The Construction Process
It's every bit as stressful as you've heard, but worth it in the end. If you're building near Albuquerque, we recommend our builder, John Lowe with Panorama Homes, and would hire him again. He has high quality standards and will help optimize your budget. We got a lot of house for our money!

1. Magnetic Poetry Floor Plan

2. Our New Home is Ready for Her Closeup (Computer Rendering, Paint Colors, Stucco Choices, Etc.)

3. Loan Approved - We Have a Porta Potty!

4. Breaking Ground

5. Week 1 (We were so young and optimistic back then.)

6. Construction Weeks 2 and 3 - Bad News

7. Construction Week 4 - Much Better

8. Week...Who Knows? (AKA Say Goodbye to Your Footings)

9. The Award for Slowest Foundation Ever Goes To...

10. Let the Framing Begin

11. Stucco, Tile, and Maybe a Roof (And a Tractor!)

12. Home Design - It's All in the Details

13. Trying to Choose a Bathroom Floor Plan

14. Framing - I Love This House

15. We Have Windows!

16. Shiny Dreams and a Dark Gray Funk of a Mood

17. Electrical and Insulation

18. Drywall

19. 6 Week Deadline

20. In the Battle of the Sexes, I Think I Lost This One (AKA Why Does Our Garage Have the Best Views in the House?!)

21. The Best Kitchen (N)Ever

22. Will We Live Long Enough to See Our Dream Home Finished? (Or Will We Kill Each Other In the Process?)

Entertaining at Home
Introverts throw the best parties...because they freak out over every little detail!

1. Holiday Party Ideas from Your Antisocial Hostess With the Mostest

2. Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

3. Hosting Our 1st Thanksgiving

4. Special Touches to Improve the Comfort of Your Guest Bedroom

5. Decorating with Fresh Roses

6. Our First Guest Bedroom

7. Interior Christmas Decor

8. Tea for Three and Three for Tea Party

9. Mouse Wine and Cheese Napkins

Inspiration from the Parade of Homes

1. Homes I Can't Afford: San Jose, CA Edition

2. Colorado Springs Parade of Homes

3. 10 Interior Design Ideas for Your Mountain Home (Summit County Parade of Homes)

4. Beyond Rustic in Colorado (Summit County Parade of Homes)

5. 15 Decorating Tips from the Summit County Parade of Homes

6. Virtual Parade of Homes through

7. Charming Stone Cottage

8. Waterfall House - To Buy or Not to Buy?

9. Waterfall House - Flipped!

10. ArtSmart in Santa Fe, NM

Interior Design Photos to Inspire Your Next Home Project
Not planning to remodel or build? You may change your mind after seeing these photos.

1. Our Dream Home! My Favorite Inspiration Photos

2. Laundry Room Ideas

3. Bathroom Ideas

4. Flooring Ideas

5. Living Room Ideas

6. Dining Room Ideas

7. Window Seat Ideas

8. The Best Seat in the House - More Window Seat Ideas

9. Home Exterior Ideas

10. Luxury Home Photos

11. 9 Interior Design Secrets From the Best Luxury Hotels

Our $5,000 Master Bathroom Remodel
This resulted in a 4-way bidding war when we sold our Albuquerque home! Our renovated kitchen (below) also helped.

How to Remodel a Bathroom On a Budget

1. Our DIY Bathroom Remodel On a Budget

2. This is What Happens When SN Gets Bored (Bathroom Reno)

3. Budget-Bathroom Remodel in Progress

4. Another Spa Bathroom Renovation Update

5. More Bathroom Remodel Photos - It's a Long Process

Interior Design Posts to Give You a Laugh

1. Bad Real Estate Photos - Don't Make These Mistakes When Selling Your House

2. Bad Real Estate Photos - Scary Clowns Edition

3. Cabinet Hardware OOPS

4. The 4-to-5 Day Weekend

5. Wood Chandelier (How Did They Know?!)

6. Sprin...Errr...Fall Cleaning

7. Chalkboard Door Multiple Choice

8. The Chalkboard Door is for Holiday Decorating

9. At-Home Sauna? Yes, Of Course

Decorating: All Other Reader-Favorite Blog Posts
Reader-Favorite Decorating Ideas
1. 10 Interior Design Upgrades You Can Do Today

2. How to Transform Your Yard for Meditation

3. It's a Chair! It's a Pillow! It's...a Chair Pillow

4. The Blog Post Where I Sell You My House

5. Yellow and Red Kitchen and Dining Room (Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and our sale was no exception.)

6. Not Just for Clothes! How to Organize a Closet for Your Life

7. Decorating on a Budget - Colorful Incense and Potted Flowers

8. Washi Tape Decorating Ideas

9. My Plate Collection - Noritake Colorwave

10. My Favorite Way to Display Vacation Photos

11. Open Shelving Decorating Ideas: Sand and Sprinkles

12. Are Laminate Floors Durable?

13. DIY Pottery Barn Chairs

14. Label Game- The San Diego Soap Company

15. Should We Buy This Pretty House?

16. You're Never Too Old for a Purple Princess Bedroom

17. Cloche Decorating for Valentine's Day

18. Painted Dining Chairs - Before and After

19. Chalkboard Door Artwork

20. The Living/Dining Room Switch Around

21. What Killed Our Cherry Tree?


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