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Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day - Good Reading

Sexy Nerd was shopping on for a fancy battery. He announced that PetsMart is a rip-off, selling the same battery that's $1.49 online for $10.99. Since the price was so low, he elected to buy a package of 10 (we go through 1 every 2-3 years, but that's a different story). After adding the batteries to his cart, Sexy Nerd decided to see what else he could find on Amazon.

A few minutes go by...
"I just bought the coolest book! It was written by the guy who was in charge of the Soviet Union's nuclear weapon program," Sexy Nerd announces. Suddenly, his enthusiasm disappears. "I hope it isn't in Russian."
Five bucks says it is.


In keeping with the tone of my blog, I will try to refrain from swearing in this post.


I'm home from my big adventure and am contemplating whether or not to break Pica's legs (To Readers: Of course I would never do this. To Pica: You're dead meat, you little punk!) I was walking her and Biscuit to the mailbox today. When we were almost there, Pica's leash detached from her harness. It just kinda slipped off and rested on top of her. I tried to act like nothing was wrong, hoping to inch close enough to Pica to pick her up. She bolted!

She just ran and ran and ran. So what did I do? I ran and ran and ran too, faster than any person should ever run (and especially faster than I should ever run. Whew!) First I was dragging Biscuit behind me, then I used her harness to pull her up, bungee-style, like some kind of flying, daredevil chihuahua that will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. This made it easier to run but much more difficult to grab Pica. Eve…

BLOG HOP and Fun with the Winners

Custom buttons for your sidebar are fun, but real prizes that you receive in the mail are even better! Remember these snazzy bloggers?

(The first 9 winners of the Best in Show award. Aren't they pretty?)

Let's mix things up a little this week with a Best of the Best in Show competition! In addition to winning a brand-new, extra amazing customized blog award, the TWO bloggers with the highest number of votes will receive an actual package of junk lightweight prizes in the mail from me!

I'm cheap and hate to spend money on postage. This is a big deal.
LambAround readers, the decision is up to you. Visit the nominees and vote for your favorite blogger in the right sidebar.
The Contenders (Click to visit each blog) *My Little Blogspot*   *Three Boys*   *While He Was Napping*   *North Dakota Kitchen*   *Flexible Dreams*   *Beth Stone Studio*   *Confessions of a Paper-Crafts Chick*   *Polka Dots & Pizza*   *A Whisk and a Prayer*
Voting will run for 2 weeks and the blogging champio…

Who Won the Best in Show Award?

The votes have been tallied (quick and easy, as Blogger does this for me) and a special award has been created for one talented blogger. What kind of blogger?

A party animal!

Not that kind of party animal, you sillies - my kind of party animal.

The winning blogger recently went all out for her 1 year old's birthday. (Click the photo for a free pirate printable!)
There was a ship to play inside.
And a jaw-dropping treasure chest cake!
It's best to heed the birthday girl's demands!
Not impressed by pirates? Phooey to you! Still, perhaps you'll be tempted by another offering from the winning blogger.
Delphinium Dollup Chocolate Cake Balls, anyone?
Way to go, The Outlaw Mom! I love the name of your blog.

Thanks to everyone who linked up! For another chance at the Best in Show award, swing by LambAround tomorrow for another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. Have a great night, my bloggy friends!

Feeling the Stress Melt Away

My Hot Ham and Cheese Crepes (and fun giveaway!) have been featured on TasteSpotting!

(pink circle: proof that my computer really is sooo ridiculously slow) (purple circle: always looking for that next fabulous cruise deal - it has been over 13 months since I've been on a cruise ship!)

This is the first photo that I've had accepted to TasteSpotting. I'm feeling pretty darn great about myself right now!
On a side note, I was not feeling great at all before finding out this TasteSpotting news, courtesy of the dummies at the Target pharmacy. Shouldn't you have to have at least a little common sense to work at a pharmacy? Ooooh, I'm so ticked off at them right now.
More to come.

Best in Show Nominees

It's time for another batch of envy-inducing blog posts! Click each photo to visit the snazzy, wonderful blog.

A Little Birdie Told Me posted about her son's 1st birthday party. It had the cutest decor ever!
Always Learning made this gorgeous, drool-inducing Chocolate Banana Freezer Pie.
Successful Together has a creative pancake recipe for you to try. Strawberry Orange Vanilla Oatmeal Pancakes! I bet you can't say that 3 times fast.
With the help of a little spray paint, The V Spot shows the transformation of several junky objects into things of beauty.
 The Littlest Crafter made the sweetest tie for Father's Day.
The Rickett Chronicles made these yummy Tagalong Cupcakes.
Rhinestone Beagle fried up these yummy homemade Banana Donuts.
The Outlaw Mom threw a pirate-themed birthday bash - complete with pirate ship!
The Creative Imperative shared how to slipcover a chair and an entire sectional sofa!

Diary of a Crafty Lady decorated this lovely fruit bowl using egg shells.


Even Creepy Guys Can't Keep Me From the Mailbox

Remember the last time I wrote about walking down to my mailbox? Well, even creepy creeps aren't going to stop me from checking the mail every day. I've been getting too many nifty things!

Look what has arrived within the past week:

I looooove blog giveaways! Really, most of them only seem to have ~100 entries or so. I like those odds! Thank you, Kara at Mine for the Making and Michele at The Scrap Shoppe for my pretty ring. I wore it to work last week and received so many compliments!
I also won a giveaway from Megan at Half-Pint House. See if you can decipher my fancy new art tile:
(Hint: It's my last name)
Hmmm...if you already know my last name, I guess that's less of a hint and more of me just ruining the game.

I like this cute goose (swan?) the best. And an extra-special thank you to Sue at Spell-It-Out Photos who helped me design my tile, even going to the trouble of providing a specially requested background color. Her service was top notch!
That's n…

Blog Hop! Not Baaad Sundays

Welcome back, my bloggy friends, to another Not "Baaad" Sundays Linky Party! In case you've forgotten, (can't blame you - it's been a looooong week!) there are a few things that make my Linky special:

1. This blog hop is open to all posts that you are proud of. Did you recently post about a great decorating project, craft, or recipe? That's wonderful if you did, but just fine if you didn't. I just want you to link to a post or posts you are proud of.
2. Do you ever find yourself trying not to duplicate posts on blog hops but aren't quite sure what you posted the previous weeks? Problem solved! Today's Linky will be back, making it easy to see what you've already posted (and giving you a 2nd chance to visit any great posts you may have missed!)

3. Linking up gives you a chance to win the highly coveted Best in Show award!
Doesn't this sound like fun? Of course, I do ask that you link directly to your post and include a photo from that post, n…

The Blog That Won the Best in Show Award This Week

The blog that won the Best in Show award this week is a great site to visit if you love pretty photos.
Oooh, a lovely summer tablescape, making me want to skip work today to go on a picnic.
The blog that won the Best in Show award this week is a great site to visit if you love finding creative ways to decorate your home.
Ribbon as Chair Rail. Now, why didn't I ever think of that?
The blog that won the Best in Show award this week is Mingled Elements! Go spread the bloggy love, friends!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. For another chance to win the Best in Show award for your own blog, stop by to link up your favorite post(s) tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Stupid Work Story

This is my job. I answered the phone on Monday and an angry man yelled at me, demanding to know the phone number of our collection agency. I told him.

Angry Man: I have a business and my number is just a digit off from that! All day, every day, people call saying F-this and F-that and it's all because the numbers are so close!

Awkward Silence
Me, as sweetly as possible (which I've found really annoys people like this): Well, unfortunately, I can't think of any way to stop people from dialing the wrong phone number.
More Awkwardness
Angry Man, no longer angry: I appreciate your time, ma'am.
I don't have a photo from work, but I think my Monster Jam expression sums up my thoughts on this quite nicely.

Blond! Blond! Blond! Hair Color

Remember the other day, when I accidentally (well, technically Sexy Nerd accidentally) dyed my hair gray? I couldn't go around as a 27-year-old with white, X-Men highlights, so I made an appointment to have my hair color corrected. I've toyed around with the idea of going from brunette to blond many times, as well as the notion of adding bangs. As long as I was paying for a fancy pants hair salon, why not just do both?
Presenting Kitty Deschanel, the blond siren!
Hubba, hubba, right?
Who's fancy? I am!
Yeah, I think I'm pretty hot stuff right now.
I do have one very important bit of brunette to blond hair dying info for you though... ... ... ... ...GOTCHA!
Why would I dye my hair blond when everyone knows brunettes rule? 

For Halloween this year, I'm going to use this wig to dress up as my friend Marie, who has the exact same hair. 
Now, let's have more fun with that blond wig!

Pica put up with this dog in a wig nonsense much longer than I'd expected!

Who else thinks B…