Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Even Creepy Guys Can't Keep Me From the Mailbox

Remember the last time I wrote about walking down to my mailbox? Well, even creepy creeps aren't going to stop me from checking the mail every day. I've been getting too many nifty things!

Look what has arrived within the past week:

I looooove blog giveaways! Really, most of them only seem to have ~100 entries or so. I like those odds! Thank you, Kara at Mine for the Making and Michele at The Scrap Shoppe for my pretty ring. I wore it to work last week and received so many compliments!

I also won a giveaway from Megan at Half-Pint House. See if you can decipher my fancy new art tile:
(Hint: It's my last name)

Hmmm...if you already know my last name, I guess that's less of a hint and more of me just ruining the game.


I like this cute goose (swan?) the best. And an extra-special thank you to Sue at Spell-It-Out Photos who helped me design my tile, even going to the trouble of providing a specially requested background color. Her service was top notch!

That's not all I received in the mail this week though. Most exciting off all was a package from Nikki at The Best Part of Believe. I hadn't won a giveaway from her and wondered what the heck it could be. She emailed me ahead of time saying "I have a present for you and I need to get it in the mail. I saw it and totally thought of you!"

Friends, in the blogging world, I think that's quite the compliment!


Thank you, Nikki, for making my day! I love my sweet little lambs!


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