BLOG HOP and Fun with the Winners

Custom buttons for your sidebar are fun, but real prizes that you receive in the mail are even better! Remember these snazzy bloggers?

(The first 9 winners of the Best in Show award. Aren't they pretty?)

Let's mix things up a little this week with a Best of the Best in Show competition! In addition to winning a brand-new, extra amazing customized blog award, the TWO bloggers with the highest number of votes will receive an actual package of junk lightweight prizes in the mail from me!

I'm cheap and hate to spend money on postage. This is a big deal.

LambAround readers, the decision is up to you. Visit the nominees and vote for your favorite blogger in the right sidebar.

The Contenders (Click to visit each blog)

Voting will run for 2 weeks and the blogging champions will be announced here. Now, let's link up! Click here if you need the blog hop rules.

Oh, and be sure to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. Heck, even if you have, enter again! There's a $30 prize package of yummy crepes up for grabs and no one seems to want it. Seriously, there are a wimpy 24 entries so far. Do you guys not like 50 calorie giant cookies?! Geez ;)


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