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Blog Hop! Link Up with LambAround


Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY (and Blog Hop!)

This giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted directly by Shabby Apple. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to enter! 

It's time for another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. But wait - there's more!

This week, I'm teaming up with Shabby Apple, which you may recognize from big-flipping-deal magazines like Oprah, Teen Vogue, and Self, to give one lucky reader a $50 Shabby Apple gift card!

Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Remember my beloved Shabby Apple Baja dress that I wore in the snow (like a GENIUS) last July? It's on sale now and your $50 gift card would cover it completely!

Or perhaps you're in need of a new swimsuit for this summer?
Of course, the Shabby Apple Bon Voyage dress could be nice too.
There are also children's clothes to choose from, along with maternity dresses, aprons, and jewelry.

 Wowza! Mandatory Entry Entering is super-easy. Just like Shabby Apple on Facebook and leave a comment here telling me that you have co…

Braces and Rubber Bands

Alternate Title: You Can Eat Rubber, Right?

Braces suck. Have I mentioned that before? The other day, I placed two new rubber bands from canine to canine, then proceeded with my day and forgot all about them. For lunch, I heated up some leftover ground lamb and made a burrito. Two bites in, I realized something unnerving.

I had eaten a rubber band.

According to Dr. Google, eating one orthodontic rubber band isn't any cause for alarm. I was cautioned, however, that a person should not polish off an entire bag of rubber bands. Umm, why would they feel the need to need to warn against this, right?
Braces and Rubber BandsFast forward to this evening. I toasted up a plate of 3 Minute Toaster Oven Smores for me and Sexy Nerd to enjoy while chatting about our day. Despite my orthodontist's insistence that braces and rubber bands go hand in hand, plus request that I wear my rubber bands 24/7, I placed my rubber bands on the edge of the plate. 

It was nice to relax with Sexy Nerd, just eati…

Hop To It! Link Up with LambAround

Happy Sunday, everyone! Sexy Nerd and I just returned from a walk with perfect weather. It's going to be a great day.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to this week and to pinning a bunch of nifty blog posts!

Living Room Photos/Dream Home Ideas

It's lucky that we still have a few years before starting construction on our dream home. Okay, so this is "lucky" in the sense that, in the meantime, we are stuck listening to our trashy neighbors blast their car stereos so loudly that our walls shake. I hope their overstressed cars explode with them inside.

Whoops! That got a bit off topic, didn't it?

Anyhoo, I mean we are lucky because we have time to plan exactly what kind of house we want to build. I've been saving photos for years! Below are some of my favorite living rooms that I've come across. If anyone knows the site the photos originate from, please let me know so I can add a link.

Just a few more years of dreaming. *Sigh*

Parents are Weird

Remember my Kids are Weird post from last week? It really always boils down to the parents, doesn't it?

I got into an argument with a mom at work today. She was insisting that I schedule her daughter at 4pm and I was insisting that we save the after-school appointments for school-age children. It's hard for high schoolers to miss school for a dental check-up.

The upset mother: Are you saying that my child's education isn't as important as a high schooler??

I would never say that. Oh, except for the fact that the patient who would be missing school is 18 MONTHS OLD!

Yes, lady, your daughter missing school is not as important as a high school student missing school. That is exactly what I am saying.

How to Clear Clutter (and BLOG HOP!)

I'm participating in BlogHer's Life Well Lived campaign and have been asked How do you organize paperwork both online and off?


Online, I think Pinterest is a handy new way to keep track of things. Before this site came along, I relied heavily on bookmarks. The problem? Soooo many bookmarks! It's much easier to find the recipe I'm looking for or the website I'd seen earlier when there is a photo accompanying it.

As for offline, I'm afraid you may be better off skipping my advice! This morning, I went to grab my Free Lunch at Tucano's birthday coupon. But, of course, it wasn't inside my restaurant coupons envelope. It wasn't inside my coupon tin at all. It wasn't even in my office. So much for that organization strategy!

There are more Life Well Lived tips here and you can even enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes. And then you will surely learn how to organize your coupons in a way that lets you actually find the crazy things in the futu…

Kids are Weird

Today, I am 28. I feel so old! Where have my 20s gone? And where is my chocolate birthday cake?!

I may be turning into a geezer, but I'm still not ready for any kiddos though.

At work (pediatric dental office) the other day, a mother with 2 children came in. The older boy was 7 and the younger boy was almost 2. The brave big brother went back on his own to have his teeth cleaned, leaving mom and the toddler in our waiting room. Mom was fine. Big brother was fine. The little brother, however, was NOT okay with being left behind. He kept pressing his face against the glass door, looking for his brother, and he constantly called his brother's name. When his brother came back up front, the little boy went running to give him a big hug. "Awwww," said his mom and all of our staff. It seemed like such a sweet moment, until an instant later when the 7 year old exclaimed "OUCH!" and shoved his baby brother away. That adorable hug that we had all been admir…

Staples Coupon $30 Off a $60 Purchase

Happy Saturday, everyone! I had a wasted day, re-watching the Desperate Housewives series and napping, then went into manic-mode around 5 pm to compensate for all the laziness. Since then, I've organized my closet, cleaned my shoes and sorted them into piles to keep, give away, and attempt to sell. Oh, and I made a scrumptious chicken and sausage gumbo with brown rice for dinner. Oh, AND I'm typing this while on the treadmill! I'm pretty sure the moral of this story is that you should never feel bad for indulging in a lazy weekend - you can always make up for it later.

Anyway, the point of this blog post is actually that I have a really great Staples coupon that expires TODAY and I'd like to give it away, rather than have it go to waste. First come, first served, so if you try to use it but it doesn't work, someone beat you to it.

Staples: $30 off a purchase of $60 or more using promo code 6481 1030 8390 1477 The order can be placed online or over the phone.

Oooh, I…

Easter is Over

I'm in for some weird looks with this post.

As you know, I've had trouble sleeping my entire life. People often ask how I can get through the day, let alone work full-time, after several nights of little or no sleep. I think it's because I'll usually get a good night's sleep (at least, my idea of good, which can be 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep) every couple of sleepless nights.

Over the past two weeks, I have not been able to recharge with one of these nights of good sleep. I've been trying to go to bed at a set time, avoid caffeine, not watch TV or blog in bed, etc., but nothing ever helps. Sleeping pills leave me lying in bed feeling somewhat dazed, as if my mind is a frozen computer screen, but not asleep. After so many nights of uninterrupted sleep deprivation, I've been feeling lethargic, complete with a nonstop, pounding headache. I'm just not myself.

I stumbled downstairs the other morning, groggy and grouchy, and got out a pair of scissors to ope…

Fuzzy Math at Albertsons

Remember my post from last year where my local Albertson's smashed my leg (on my birthday, to top things off)?

Given their top-notch customer service, they were bound to be blogged again.

On sale this week, 3 for $12:Checking out, my 3 for $12 flowers rang up at $5. Why, you ask? Here is what the Albertson's cashier explained:

"The first 2 bouquets are $5 each, and the third bouquet is $2."

I am now enjoying my lovely assortment of flowers from Trader Joe's.

March for Maddie 2012

Visit The Spohrs are Multiplying to learn how you can help support The March of Dimes, Friends of Maddie, and the Spohr family.

Late to the Party

Hey, guess what?

Go to

After years and years of blogging, I finally have my very own custom domain name! It wasn't as expensive as I thought (hooray for online coupon codes!) and it was easy to do. Well...eventually it was easy.
Funny enough, since Monday I have spent HOURS trying to figure out how to make my old site and new site work together. Then, reading the exact same instructions I've read a dozen times, this morning it seemed as clear as glass and it actually worked. Well...almost. For some reason, is working but is not, even though my Blogger setting specifically states that this should work.
Here's to hoping the magical internet fairies fix this little snag while I'm at work today. Have a great Friday, my bloggy friends!
*Update* I was hoping to type "Update - the fairies have worked their magic and my website is fixed. Thank you, fairies!" at the end of this post, but of co…

Baby (Lion) Madness

Recently, I had the opportunity to choose any costume I wanted from Wholesale Costume Club. We dress up for Halloween at work, so I was looking forward to knocking everyone's socks off this year. I searched and searched through their selection...

...and settled on this:
 The baby madness. I haz it.

Easter Bunny Donuts (& Blog Hop)

Yesterday, I was finally able to use the Easter shapes pan that I found post-holiday at Target last year. It imprints your baked treats with shapes, like the Easter Bunny, and Easter basket, and a decorated Easter egg.

At least, it is supposed to.

As you may have seen on the LambAround Pinterest boards yesterday, I baked up a batch of Strawberry-Buttermilk Baked Doughnuts, which were featured in last month's Oprah magazine. Tasty stuff! I substituted a mixture of soy/almond milk for the buttermilk (all out) and used lemon instead of strawberry. Half my batter went into my Easter pan and the other half was allotted to my mini doughnut pan.

(Sexy Nerd, BTW, thinks it's ridiculous that we own such a thing. This is from the fellow with a lathe in our garage, which he purchased for making models of nuclear bombs. Yeah.)

Can you see the Easter Bunny?

It's a cute idea, but I'm unimpressed. Has anyone else had success with these fancy specialty imprinting pans? Am I doing it wrong?…