Parents are Weird

Remember my Kids are Weird post from last week? It really always boils down to the parents, doesn't it?

I got into an argument with a mom at work today. She was insisting that I schedule her daughter at 4pm and I was insisting that we save the after-school appointments for school-age children. It's hard for high schoolers to miss school for a dental check-up.

The upset mother: Are you saying that my child's education isn't as important as a high schooler??

I would never say that. Oh, except for the fact that the patient who would be missing school is 18 MONTHS OLD!

Yes, lady, your daughter missing school is not as important as a high school student missing school. That is exactly what I am saying.


  1. Parents are super weird.. and irrational and annoying... I avoid them whenever I can. We didn't do play dates because of them. I wasn't active with the other 'parents in our Bible Study' for that reason....

    and since we homeschool I get the daytime appointments which are less crowded and the office isn't teeming full of sick kids who only show up after school hours...
    LOL. I sound bad.

  2. Wow - I'd not worry about an 18 month old missing class one time. Some people have interesting points of view.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. Hahaha I LOL'd at that cat picture! That's how I feel all the time at work.


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