Late to the Party

Hey, guess what?

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After years and years of blogging, I finally have my very own custom domain name! It wasn't as expensive as I thought (hooray for online coupon codes!) and it was easy to do. Well...eventually it was easy.

Funny enough, since Monday I have spent HOURS trying to figure out how to make my old site and new site work together. Then, reading the exact same instructions I've read a dozen times, this morning it seemed as clear as glass and it actually worked. Well...almost. For some reason, is working but is not, even though my Blogger setting specifically states that this should work.


Here's to hoping the magical internet fairies fix this little snag while I'm at work today. Have a great Friday, my bloggy friends!

I was hoping to type "Update - the fairies have worked their magic and my website is fixed. Thank you, fairies!" at the end of this post, but of course it's still broken. Bah!