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Easter is Over

I'm in for some weird looks with this post.

As you know, I've had trouble sleeping my entire life. People often ask how I can get through the day, let alone work full-time, after several nights of little or no sleep. I think it's because I'll usually get a good night's sleep (at least, my idea of good, which can be 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep) every couple of sleepless nights.

Over the past two weeks, I have not been able to recharge with one of these nights of good sleep. I've been trying to go to bed at a set time, avoid caffeine, not watch TV or blog in bed, etc., but nothing ever helps. Sleeping pills leave me lying in bed feeling somewhat dazed, as if my mind is a frozen computer screen, but not asleep. After so many nights of uninterrupted sleep deprivation, I've been feeling lethargic, complete with a nonstop, pounding headache. I'm just not myself.

I stumbled downstairs the other morning, groggy and grouchy, and got out a pair of scissors to open a bag of cereal. Then, I saw them on the kitchen counter and stopped in my tracks. 

Peeps. There were a few new boxes I'd picked up for 75% off after Easter, as well as a few dry, remaining Peeps from the bird's nest cookies I'd made. I stared at them, half asleep. I felt like a zombie. Scissors in hand, I approached the unsuspecting Peeps.

peeps jousting
Note the tear under his sad, little Peeps eye.

I don't know why, but something about chopping off their neon Peeps noggins cracked me up. Just thinking back to it now brings a smile to my face. (To be fair though, I'm still unbelievably exhausted.) 

The more decapitated Peeps I ended up with, the harder I was laughing, like a complete nut. Soon, I was so hysterical that I actually had tears in my eyes. Through giggles, I set up my unfortunate headless Peeps and called for Sexy Nerd to come to the kitchen.

He didn't get it.

what to do with leftover easter candy
Are the boxed Peeps cheering this on, Colosseum-style? They were next.

Sorry, Peeps. I just really, really need to get some sleep!

*Update* I have now Googled "peeps jousting". My entire Peeps stash for this year has already been beheaded, but expect some Peeps duels next year. Yellow Peeps, you're going down!


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